Croydon Data Wiring

Data wiring installation in Croydon (image Fo0bar [CC BY-SA 3.0 (

Office Moves, Installation or Upgrade?

As a savvy business owner or IT manager in Croydon, you know that having a sound data network is essential. But should you choose a wired or wireless network?

A properly set up WiFi network is OK, but can be prone to a variety of problems including efficiency and security issues. A wired network is much better solution. Data is transmitted faster, with fewer losses and it is a lot more robust.

Benefits of using South London Electricians

National companies will either sub-contract or need to cover travel and accommodation […]

Data Wiring Moves for Small Offices

Image of VGA connector for network cabling installer in Croydon, London

Data Wiring and Cabling for Croydon Small Offices

You may well have found this page by searching for “data wiring moves for small offices in Croydon” or perhaps “data cabling in South London”. Whatever your data cable needs in London, you have certainly arrived in the right place! South London Electricians are qualified and experienced data wiring installers for all areas of London – Bromley, Balham, Merton, Streatham, Chelsea, Lewisham and the rest!

Commercial and Industrial Data Cable Installation

In a commercial setting, networking your internal computers is very much a requirement for any business […]

Beddington Emergency Electricians

Image: home buyers electrical report, Bromley.

Affordable 24 hour Emergency Electricians for Beddington

Anyone in Beddington could need an emergency electrician at any time. It could be the office fire alarm that has gone bonkers and won’t shut off. Or maybe an RCD in your consumer unit won’t reset. Whatever your electrical problem, you don’t want to be waiting hours.

By choosing an electrician or electrical contractor close to Beddington, you can save a lot of time. South London Electricians can usually get to most places in the CR0, SM6 postcode area in under  an hour. Our Beddington emergency electricians […]

Norbury Emergency Electricians

Emergency Electrical Contractor, Norbury, London

Whatever your electrical fault, we will have undoubtedly have seen it and repaired it somewhere on our patch.How come? We have been around since 1990! So if you are looking for a reliable and experienced emergency electrical contractor – your search is now over.

Sadly, some emergency electricians in Norbury are fully aware that you are in desperate need of a professional electician. They charge premium rates (usually £95 per hour and upwards) for their services as they know that you don’t have the luxury of time to shop around […]

Sydenham 24 hour Emergency Electricians

Image: Emergency electrician on a call out in Sydenham.

Why you may need a 24 hour emergency electrician in SE26

Not all properties in Sydenham are new builds! This is as applicable to businesses and public buildings as well as homeowners. That means the electrical wiring and fittings are probably getting a bit long in the tooth. Maybe they were fitted back in the eighties or nineties or in some cases, they could be even older. We have seen SE26 houses with thirties wiring still in use!

The ideal situation is to re-wire but that’s not really an option unless you are doing a major […]

24hr Emergency Electrician SM4

How to Avoid calling an Emergency Electrician in Morden

Let’s face it, not all of the houses in SM4 are new builds! The electrical wiring, switches, sockets and so on are most likely to be getting on a bit. Wiring fitted back in the eighties or nineties are not uncommon. We have seen houses with thirties wiring still in use!

The best solution is to re-wire, but for most people, that’s not really an option. The upheaval is hard to work round unless you are doing a major renovation.

So avoiding an electrical emergency is […]

Emergency Electrician Pollards Hill

Image: emergency electrician on a 24 hour call out in Pollards Hill, London.

Emergency Electrician Pollards Hill

Let’s face it, not all of the houses in Pollards Hill are new builds! So what? First of all, the electrical wiring will be getting a bit long in the tooth. So will the switches, sockets, fittings  and so on. Maybe they were fitted back in the eighties or nineties … in some cases, maybe even older. We have been to houses with thirties wiring still in use!

The ideal situation would be to re-wire but for most people, that’s not really an option. Unless you are doing a major renovation, it […]

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