South London Electricians take safety extremely seriously.  We believe that employees are our most important resource and all our activities are planned to ensure that safety is maintained at all times.  

Equally we also realise the impact our working activities may have on others and are undertake method statements and risk assessments in order to maintain a safe working environment and to avoid any work related accidents, or damage to property and the ongoing stress which this may result in.

In order to achieve this we:-


1.            Provide training to promote the importance of all relevant health and safety legislation and the implications in the work place.  This is further endorsed by monitoring of company policy.


2.            Recruit personnel who have the knowledge and experience which is appropriate to their level of responsibility and provide training to meet any additional needs.


When joining South London Electricians everyone undertakes a Health and Safety Induction prior to being allowed on site.  The induction training includes an introduction to the Health and Safety Policy documentation, fire procedures, risk assessments and safe working practices, the responsibilities of the Duty Holder, the use and maintenance of personal protective equipment and work equipment, accident reporting.


3.            Allocate tasks in line with an employee’s knowledge, experience and capabilities.


4.            Fully prepare for jobs so that any potential hazards are highlighted in advance and the appropriate action can be taken to mitigate them.


5.            Provide personal protective equipment, and the training to use it, as and when required


6.            Ensure that employees are trained and are provided with the tools necessary to undertake any given job.  Refresher courses are provided on a regular basis to ensure that their skills are up to date with industry practices.


7.            Promote Health and Safety and of safe working practices throughout the company and establish a working environment in which safety is the priority.


We work to the current legislation for health and safety including, but not limited to:-


Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999


As a professional company we are members of several trade associations:-


Electrical Safety Register

Electric Safe

Part Electrical Safety

Trust Mark


Our policy is reviewed on an annual basis.  We will continue to update our working practices in line with industry standards and/or to reflect the changing demands of the job.