Electrician services for retail

With experience with small retail outlets extending over 20 years, we added large supermarkets to our portfolio on a sub-contracting basis since  2003.

Whether you have a betting shop, a busy builder’s yard, an estate agents, a small corner shop or a high end retail outlet, we understand how important it is to make your business stand out.

The use of lighting to present your products and services at their best can help you achieve this.

Keep track of sales

Modern tills are a business essential facilitating stock control. We offer an installation service for these POS devices which use Category 5 data wiring. If you are having a shop refit, we can move them to their new location.

Emergency call outs

Over the years we have gained an excellent record in providing a call out service. We understand how faults can have an impact on your business and aim to trace faults and conduct repairs on a same day service. For those with warehouse based retail outlets, we are also able to provide approved staff to operate cherry pickers.

Maintenance and refits

Keeping up with the competition and maintaining profitability may mean frequent reorganization of the shop floor area. We can move lighting, add new sockets and rejuvenate lighting so that it flatters and enhances your displays. This can be done out of hours with minimal downtime to avoid disruption to business. We understand that you are under pressure to achieve refits in a tight deadline and will always do our best to accommodate your needs.

New distribution boards

We can provide circuit drawings and labeling for your circuit boards so that any faults or broken circuits are easy to trace. This applies to both single and three phase supplies.

Electrical testing

Do you handle food? The annual health inspection will check to see if there is ample lighting and that sockets are in good condition. An electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is usually required on a five yearly basis. We can complete these out of hours so that staff and customers are not affected.

Increase profitability

The cost of electricity is unlikely to decrease and can have a large impact on profits. Reducing overheads is an easy way of increasing profitability. Replacing traditional tungsten lights with low energy lighting and LED lights can save up to 90% of your electrical bills. Combining fridges, chillers and air conditioning units with voltage optimizer can result in a 10% – 20% reduction in electric costs. If you move to a new location the units can be re-installed so the initial outlay is not lost.