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Internet wiring

We are increasingly living in a digital age and you might not think you need an updated communication system – but you do.

With the use of digital media and digital TV, fibre optic broadband and 4G, we are constantly using our old phone and cable wires but the more ask them to do, they are more likely to give up.

Electronic jargon is just that, jargon but all there is to know now is your internet, tv and phone lines can be handled by two types of cable all in one central distribution system you can install yourself. It just like fitting in a phone line except you need four cables, two phone and two coaxial to a jack to do the job right.

We’ll show you how to run the wires, install the proper jacks and hook up the central distribution box. The new system does not mean you have to scrap your old cables and jacks as existing phone lines and jacks can coexist with your new system.

We recommend that you initially install new cables and jacks to rooms only where they are needed and then upgrade the system with new jacks and lines as your electronic needs change. The beauty of the installation system is that it will be easy to reconfigure, enhance or expand it in the future. Eventually, you’ll be able to connect any compatible devices simply by “jumping” cable or phone lines in the distribution box (much like old-time telephone operators used to do in the first half of the 20th century).

If you’re remodelling or building a new home give us a call to discuss your internet wiring needs. It’s easiest to upgrade when the walls are exposed and it’s simple to route cables to every room. If you just want to upgrade your communication lines without remodelling, you can also retrofit your existing home. It just takes a little more effort and possibly cutting and patching walls but we can tell you the best approach to take for free.

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