South London Electricians Environmental Policy


As a professional electrical company committed to high standards we are dedicated to the minimising of waste and the environmental footprint associated with this. 

Our Environmental Policy is designed to ensure that our operations protect the environment.  In order to achieve this:

1.            We fully comply with current Legislation and local government regulations including, but not limited to:

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive) 2013

The Environmental Protection (Duty of Care) Regulations 1991

Hazardous Waste Regulations (England & Wales) 2005

Waste Framework Directive, or Directive 2008/98/EC

2.            Company policies and employee training promote the environment as an important global asset.

3.            At our site offices we minimise the use of energy by using energy efficient light bulbs and recycling printer cartridges.

4.            We prevent contamination and waste by responsible purchasing and supplier selection.

5.            Material deliveries are coordinated with the work start dates and planned so that there a daily delivery can provide the materials for all the sites we are working on in that area to minimise . Routes follow work timetables so that one delivery per day can provide materials for a number of properties if possible.

6.            On commercial sites we undertake a method statement which covers transportation, site constraints, parking arrangements, vehicle size and weight assessment, waste removal and disposal and noise restrictions.

7.            Vehicle emissions are minimised wherever possible by using local labour, hence minimising the travelling time to and from site.

8.            We remove all waste from site on a daily basis and take it to local recycling centres or back to the head office for safe disposal.

9.            We careful dispose of hazardous materials such as fluorescent tubes, CFC’s to minimise any damage to the environment.

10.          We ensure that all hazardous equipment or tools are stored in accordance with COSHH and/or the manufacturer’s instructions in order to minimise the potential of contamination.

11.          We undertake careful planning to allow us to respond quickly to any incidents or accidents which may be a potential threat to the environment.

In implementing our Environmental Policy, we put the environment at the centre of all our activities in order to protect it by conversing energy and resources, and by recycling waste materials wherever possible.