Fitting Ryefield Distribution Board London

Fitting a Ryefield Distribution board is not a task that can be undertaken by every south London electrician. We have the experience and knowledge to do the job properly  Fitting Ryefield Distribution Boards, London.

For HMO’s and flats, Ryefield distribution boards offer a proven and cost-effective solution for up to 24 way installations as they are the cheapest, most robust and reliable LV distribution fuse boards on the market.

One of the key advantages of using a Ryefield Engineering distribution board is that it is the only one that is pre-approved and recommended by the major electricity suppliers, in fact, EDF recognises ONLY the Ryefield distribution board! So by using a Ryefield board, you will save a whole lot of time.

What does a Ryefield Distribution Board do?

It works in conjunction with electrical metering apparatus, distributing the electricity from the main cut-out to all the individual meters in a building. It also provides protection for each individual meter circuit.

Where are the Ryefield Distribution Boards Used in London?

  • new build properties with several flats

  • older houses split into flats

  • commercial buildings where a 3 Phase supply needs distributing to different enemy’s or such as bakery where you need different metering

  • small hotels and hostels

Basically, the Ryefield distribution board is useful in any domestic, commercial, and industrial applications where you need to distribute the incoming supply to between 3 and 24 different areas.

Who can Install a Ryefield Distribution Board in London?

Unfortunately for you, the installation of a distribution fuse board is not as easy or simple as you might think which means that many London electricians do not have the knowledge or skills required to complete the job properly and safely.

Here at South London Electricians, we have have installed and worked extensively on this type of distribution board, often picking up the pieces from other companies who find themselves out of their depth


It provides you with a robust, convenient to use, secure and flexible electricity distribution solution.

  • Case fabricated from 18g sheet steel

  • Secure lift-off hinged cover

  • Wall fixing

  • Used in conjunction with metering equipment, since they distribute the power from the main cut-out to individual meters

  • Standard main brass clamp with pinching screw circuit terminals adjustable, to accept 25mm – 120mm stranded conductors

  • Individual circuit protection for each meter

  • Standard busbar with a current rating of max. 400A.

  • Removable plates at top and bottom fitted as standard

  • Brass earth block with PME link

  • Case is enamelled epoxy polyester powder dark grey shade with steel screws

  • Non-brass component parts are zinc plated

Whether you already have a Ryefield Distribution Board fitted at your London premises, already have one that is ready to fit or need us to supply and fit one, talk to us now for expert installation of your distribution board.