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Now that you are working at least part of the time from home you will need a fast broadband connection. The other key component is how you set up your home network. Done properly, you will feel the full benefit of of your broadband, but if your Croydon home network is less than optimal, it will lead to frustration with connection speeds.

Home Network – Going for Wireless?

The first choice for many people is to go for a wireless router generally because it avoids having cables trailing round the house. It seems easy to set up – connect the wireless router to the broadband connection, plonk it on a table or sideboard somewhere and away you go.

The reality of a wireless home network is different. There are so many factors that will influence the efficiency and limit the speed. Firstly, there is the distance between the router and your computer, If they are close, no problem, however, the further apart they are can lead to problems as the wifi signal is weaker, further from the router you are.

Using a home network installer will ensure the best placement of your router. Our network engineers have been installing wireless and wired networks in Croydon and around the whole of south London for many years. To benefit from our experience and obtain the best possible speeds from your wifi, give us a call on 07956 523316 any time for a free, no-obligation chat.

Home network and Walls

The number of walls the signal needs to pass through is important, each wall will absorb some of the energy carried by the radio waves from the wifi transmitter. If your computer and router are widely separated, with several walls between them, this will also reduce the signal strength. This reduces the quality of data passing between computer and router. If your house is pre-war construction, internal walls are quite likely to be brick built, making the signal loss weaker.

There are other things too – like using the microwave oven, number of people connected to the home network, someone hacking into your home network and so on.

Croydon Home Network – Going for Data Cabling?

Installing data cabling for wired networks is common in businesses as it is faster, more secure and more reliable. So if you are working from home, by installing a cable home network, you will benefit from a faster and more secure system. Most new-build homes of any quality already have a wired network pre-installed. Not only does this improve your ability to work from home, it means that leisure activities such as netfix or gaming can be streamed around the house without loss of quality.

Despite the obvious benefits, there is still a reluctance to have a network installer put in a data cable system at home. The main objections seem to be cost and mess. South London Electricians network installers pride themselves on minimising disruption to your daily life and mess. As for cost, we will offer you a system that is exactly matched to your current needs, and future needs if requested. Our pricing is transparent with no last minute hidden surprises. So to unleash the full power of your broadband, give us a call on 07956 523316 any time for a free, no-obligation chat

Professional Home Network Data Cable Installer for Croydon

South London Electricians have been installing data cabling and electrical systems around Croydon for over 25 years.

Our team of experienced and fully qualified home network technicians are available to improve your slow internet issues in the south east from Central London to the Home Counties. We are based in Croydon, which puts us in easy reach of many Croydon Borough areas:

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