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Working From Home in Croydon?

Working from home generally requires a fast internet connection. Croydon has a great choice of fast broadband options, however, your Croydon home network could restrict the speed at which you can access the internet.

Wireless Based Home Network

A wireless network is often the first choice for any home network but they can also be a bandwidth bottleneck. The signal and therefore your home network speed can be affected by:

  • how far apart your computer and router are
  • the efficiency and signal strength of your router
  • how old your router is
  • the number of walls the signal needs to pass through
  • age and condition of the wi-fi card in your computer
  • whether the door to your work area is open or closed
  • using a microwave oven
  • the number of people connected to the router at the same time

The Best Solution to Increase Home Network Speed for Working from Home in Croydon is …

Put simply, change to a wired network. Imediately, all of the above disadvantages of a wireless network at home disappear and you can feel the full benefit of the superfast broadband you are paying for. Plus you get better security. It is not unknown for wireless routers to be hacked, allowing others to steal your bandwidth or even worse, your personal data.

The biggest worry about having a wired home network is that of trailing cables. We can help you there. Our experienced home network engineers will listen carefully to your requirements can advise you about the best routing of cables and installation of network terminal points.

Even better, they are local to Croydon and know the capabilities of the local broadband systems.

We are well known for neat and tidy working – we pride ourselves on leaving no mess for you to clean up afterwards.

So to unleash the full power of your broadband, give us a call on 07956 523316 any time for a free, no-obligation chat

Fixed Data Cabling at Home

Self-installation of a wired network is possible, but often will leave you with trailing wires or wires tacked to the surface of your wall, probably just above the skirting board. This leaves them susceptible to damage,

Professional installation of your home data cable network is a much better solution. An experienced expert engineer will advise you on the best cables and terminals for your needs and budget. It saves you the hassle and time that a DIY network will take you to install. A professional home cabled network installation will also be neater and less open to damage.

Professional Data Cable Installer for Croydon

South London Electricians have been installing data cabling and electrical systems around Croydon for over 25 years. Call us on 07956 523316 now for a free, no-obligation chat about how we can help you to improve the speed of your home network.

Other Areas we Cover …

Our team of experienced and fully qualified data cabling technicians are available to improve your slow internet issues in the south east from Central London to the Home Counties. We are based in Croydon, which puts us in easy reach of many Croydon Borough areas:

South Croydon
Hamsey Green

Along with this, we can also help customers in all other areas of South London:

Thornton Heath

In the Surrey area we regularly provide electricians for domestic and commercial customers in



…call us on 07956 523316 any time for a free, no-obligation chat

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