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Electricity Power Cut Repairs, UK Power Network Outages London

Image: 24 hour emergency electrical service for London postcode BR2 (Keston)

Mains Power Failure

Local three phase power network outage in Addington? UK Grid or Local Power Network Outage in Coulsdon or Kenley?

Without electricity, your business will suffer. Small and medium sized enterprises (SME) are particularly vulnerable to both short and long term losses. Larger organisations are able to cope with the impact than an SME. Even very small businesses with fewer than ten employees can lose hundreds of pounds per hour when the power is down.

There isn’t much you can do if the national or local power grid is down other than wait. UK power […]

Finding a Good Electrician in South Croydon

Do you need to find a good commercial electrician in South Croydon? Or are you searching for a South Croydon electrician who could wire your extension? Given the bad press that good tradespeople get because of a few cowboys, you are probably feeling a little wary.
There are some ways of finding an electrician that are better than others, in this post, you will find my insider’s guide to choosing your South Croydon electrician. Should you need other trades, the process is essentially the same.

Don’t reach for the Yellow Pages

Commercial Electricians for South London Landlords

Every year sees fines dished out to Landlords in south London for breaches of Fire regulations in houses of multiple occupation (HMOs) and hotel owners. In some cases, it is well deserved when unscrupulous landlords do not carry out suitable safety checks in order to increase their profits.
March 2015 saw a 200K fine given to the owner of a Bayswater hotel for breaches in fire regulations. Apart from tying open fire doors and failing to carry out a fire risk assessment for accomodation in he basement, he was found guilty of ‘inadequate maintenance’ of the fire warning system and […]

Energy Savings for South London Schools, Colleges and University Sites

How you can save your south London school money?

This is a good question that has been asked by many a bursar. The answers are varied ranging from cutting staff, through turning down the heating slightly to sourcing cheaper consumables. But there is a simple and straightforward answer to this thorny issue – lighting.
According to the Carbon Trust, lighting can account for 40% of the electricity bill in any workplace so if there was a way that you could save up to 80% on lighting, you could reduce your overall electricity bill by over 30% which […]

Richmond and Sutton Kitchen Wiring Jobs

As commercial and domestic electricians we take on a wide variety of different work and have done a couple of very contrasting kitchen wiring jobs recently. The first was on a house renovation in Richmond whilst the second was a commercial kitchen further south in Sutton. In Richmond, it was a case of taking out 50 year old wiring and starting from scratch whilst the commercial kitchen job was the installation of a new bratt pan (chip scuttle) and oven.
The Richmond house had been recently bought and the new owners were having the kitchen extended and modernised […]

Carbon Free Call Outs for South London

Electric vehicles are not new, in the early 1900’s, Ferdinand Porsche produced the world’s first electrically driven vehicle and also the world’s first hybrid too. But petrol and then diesel powered vehicles caught on and electric vehicles slipped into the background other than the iconic milk float. It was only at the opposite end of the century, with greenhouse gas emissions increasing rapidly, that the electric vehicle has resurfaced as a serious contender in the market.
But what are we, commercial electricians, doing talking about the history of the motor industry?
Simple, as electricians, we have always […]