Finding a Good Electrician in South Croydon


Do you need to find a good commercial electrician in South Croydon? Or are you searching for a South Croydon electrician who could wire your extension? Given the bad press that good tradespeople get because of a few cowboys, you are probably feeling a little wary.

There are some ways of finding an electrician that are better than others, in this post, you will find my insider’s guide to choosing your South Croydon electrician. Should you need other trades, the process is essentially the same.

Don’t reach for the Yellow Pages

You might feel that this is the best starting point. It isn’t. That is because the yellow pages are only interested in making money from their advertising, they do not have any interest whatsoever in the welfare of the consumer. It is the perfect place for a competent amateur or, dare I say it, cowboy builder, to advertise their ‘skills‘ and make a bit of money on the side. They are not asked to prove that they have any qualifications or other training.

Start by talking to friends and neighbours

If you have any friends, neighbours or even work colleagues who have had building work or electrical work carried out recently, they would be a good starting point. If they have found a good electrician, in South Croydon or a neighbouring area, they will soon let you know. Here at South London Electricians we get a reasonable proportion of our work by word of mouth.

Online review sites

Your next port of call could be to look at the online review sites like Checkatrade for example, and search for ‘South Croydon electricians‘. This will pull up a good selection of electricians in or close to your area. Take a look at the reviews and you will soon get a feel for the services from what people have written. You will find out if an electrician works quickly, sticks to the quote, tidies up afterwards and more.

Competent Persons Register

the Electrical Competent Persons Register can be found online at and is a government sanctioned list of registered electricians. It is not possible for an electrician to be featured in this unless they have a recognised qualification and membership of an electrical trades governing body, of which there are several. You know, if you choose your South Croydon commercial or domestic electrician from this, that they are fully trained and qualified.


Like the Competent Persons Register, Trustmark demands high standards from any trade if they are to be accepted. Not only do they have to prove they are qualified and registered, they have to undergo an independent assessment of their work.

If you choose a company or individual from either of the last two organisations, you may pay a little more. however, you will be guaranteed to have found a reputable and trustworthy electrician which will give you the peace of mind that your job will have been carried out to the highest quality and safety standards.

South London Electricians are based in South Croydon and operate throughout London, providing a high quality service to home owners, Landlords and businesses. As well as being featured in the Electrical Competent Persons register, we are members of Trustmark and on the Electrical Safety register.

So give us a call today for a quote for your work – 07956 523316

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