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As commercial and domestic electricians we take on a wide variety of different work and have done a couple of very contrasting kitchen wiring jobs recently. The first was on a house renovation in Richmond whilst the second was a commercial kitchen further south in Sutton. In Richmond, it was a case of taking out 50 year old wiring and starting from scratch whilst the commercial kitchen job was the installation of a new bratt pan (chip scuttle) and oven.

The Richmond house had been recently bought and the new owners were having the kitchen extended and modernised. It was a hatchet job – the whole of the existing kitchen had been ripped out, the extension skin built and we were called in to do the first fix wiring.

Before we could do anything in the kitchen, we needed to update the consumer unit to make sure that it met current safety standards and to add several extra MCB’s for the kitchen lighting, sockets, the cooker circuit (a big electric Aga was on order) plus extraction fan. The CU was close to the front door and the hallway leading to the kitchen had already been re-plastered and painted so chasing out needed to be done with great care, causing as little damage as possible to reduce the redecorating required.

So, finally into the kitchen. Normally, on kitchen wiring jobs, we are constantly trying to work round fitted units, making sure that current Part P regulations are met with the positioning of sockets etc. It was a nice change to be able to work without needing to be a contortionist as well as an electrician. When we return in a couple of weeks to do the second fix after the kitchen units are in place, it will be a lot easier than normal since we know everything will be in the right place and accessible. We like that!

The Sutton commercial kitchen wiring job was a bit more complicated as it was a case of installing new equipment with everything else still in place. The oven was a replacement for a smaller unit which had already been sited when we arrived. The isolator was now in the wrong place for the larger oven and so our first job was to move that, which wasn’t straightforward as the cables were buried in the wall under the tiling. Anyway, once that was done, it was just a matter of hooking up the oven and that was that. The brat pan was a new addition to the kitchen and was a single phase job. We needed to go right back to the CU to put in a complete new circuit, using H07 RN-F harsh environment cables for the final connection.

So if you want to profit from commercial electricians with many years of single phase and three phase expertise working in restaurant, hotel and take-away kitchens, or if you need domestic electricians for your kitchen re-wiring in any of the following areas, give us a call on 07956 523316 and you will speak directly to an electrician, not a receptionist.

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