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Southwark Power Cut – Tripping Consumer Unit

A loss of power itself is not necessarily an electrical emergency, but the cause behind it could be. Take for example something that could happen to any business, public building or home in Southwark- a consumer unit that trips out.

First Steps to Take Before Calling an SE1 or SE5 Emergency Electrician

By the time you are reading this, you will undoubtedly have tried resetting the main switch. If the problem was temporary e.g. someone had overloaded a socket somewhere, no problem, no repair needed. The consumer unit will stay on until the next time someone does the same thing. If it happens regularly, have a chat with one of our electricians as your system may be at maximum capacity and requiring upgrading.

If resetting the master circuit breaker does not work, turn off all of the RCDs. Reset the master switch and see if it stays on. If it doesn’t, you may need a repair to the consumer unit, the line in or the earth.  Call us 07956 523316 at any time of day or night and we can get a local emergency electrician out to you very quickly to diagnose the exact problem.

If it stays on, then switch on each individual circuit breaker until the main breaker trips again. Leave this circuit off, reset the main RCD and continue to switch on the other circuits to determine if there may be other problems.

Next Steps

If you have managed to identify the problem circuit, take a look around your property to see if there are any obvious problems. For any circuit, are there any signs of water coming into contact with it. For a lighting circuit, as well as the possibility of water, did you (or your employees/family/visitors) notice any flickering before the consumer unit tripped?

For the ring mains, unplug all appliances and see if the consumer unit trips again with no loading. Plug your appliances back in, one by one. It may be a faulty appliance repair or replacement rather than a consumer unit repair that is needed.

Having this information to hand will help your Southwark emergency electrician make a faster diagnosis and repair.

Other Reasons a Consumer Unit Needs Repair or Replacement

If your consumer unit has had a bash, even if there is no external damage, there could be internal damage – a loosened bus bar or circuit breaker partially popped of its rail and so on. This can lead to electrical emergencies later on.

If there is external damage, get the consumer unit checked and repaired.

Another sure sign that a consumer unit is needing repair is buzzing. This indicates that one of the breakers is not functioning correctly. This should be dealt with IMMEDIATELY. A circuit breaker that is not doing its job properly could lead to an electrical fire or someone being electrocuted.

A simple call to us 07956 523316 at any time of day or night and we can get a local emergency electrician out to you very quickly.

Premises we cover

List of some of the types of premises we cover in SE1, SE5 Southwark:

Private homes
Flats and apartments
Industrial kitchens
Offices and other commercial premises
Public buildings including schools, museums, council buildings etc
Sports venues
Light industrial units
MoT test centres
Houses, apartments, maisonettes and flats

Keep our number handy – 07956 523316.

Reasons to call South London Electricians to repair your consumer unit in Southwark.

  • In business for well over a quarter of a century, so you will benefit from our wide experience
  • Time-served, fully qualified electricians, so you can be sure your repair will be completed to the highest standard
  • We have specialist commercial electricians to deal with major outages such as restoring three phase supplies
  • We have specialist domestic electricians who deal with things like a buzzing light switch or a consumer unit that keeps tripping in your home
  • We will send the right specialist to solve your problem quickly and efficiently
  • Neat and tidy working (see our Checkatrade reviews) thus you won’t need to call in the cleaners when we leave
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week availability meaning that you one of our Southwark emergency electricians can be with you at any hour, day or night
  • You will speak directly to an electrician, so no time will be wasted waiting for a call back

So why hesitate, call the best Southwark Emergency Electricians …

07956 523316

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