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Property Maintenance

It’s easy to spot a crumbling wall. A rotten window frame. Loose tiles. What isn’t so easy to spot are electrical installation faults. That is why the Government brought in legislation to make sure the wiring of private rental accommodation is regularly inspected and maintained. As a Landlord in Sutton, Surrey or South London, you will undoubtedly by now be aware of the current EICR requirements.

When it was first issued, the legislators acknowledged that this was not being introduced to make your life more difficult. They just wanted to make sure the electrical installations in private rental properties in Sutton, Surrey, or wherever were in a good state for new and existing tenants. However, not having a landlord’s electrical safety certificate could land you in hot water – at best, a big fine; at worst, well, it doesn’t really bear thinking about …

Presumably you are looking into getting an EICR for your Sutton private rental property. Yes? We provide electrical installation condition reports for all buildings in the Sutton area, so please don’t hesitate to contact us on on 07956 523316 for a chat with one of our Part P registered electricians.

New Landlord? Need EICR?

Just in case you are new to the private rentals business, here is what the EICR is all about. The letters stand for “electrical installation condition report”. It is a detailed report of the condition of electrical fixed wiring installations in a building. The idea is to check up on a building’s electrical safety so the fixed wiring is properly maintained.

One of our trained Part P qualified electricians will carry out a thorough investigation of the fixed wires and associated fittings. You will then receive a report with the information about where installations have deteriorated over time, and also where they have been damaged.

Landlord’s Electrical Safety Report Codes

In order to make understanding and action as easy as possible, the EICR for your Sutton, Surrey or South London rental property uses a simple code system for faults or issues. The code is:

C1: Danger Present, Risk of injury, immediate remedial action required.

Items marked as C1 on an EICR are considered as being able to cause immediate harm or injury, potentially resulting in death. A C1 listed on an E.I.C.R would warrant an immediate failure Any items found to be immediately dangerous during an electrical inspection (within reason) should really be rectified there and then by the electrician.

C2: Potentially Dangerous, Urgent Remedial Action Required

Potentially dangerous may or may not lead to the condition of the electrical installation as being deemed unsatisfactory.

C3: Improvement Required

Items marked as C3 do not comply with current regulation standards but are not viewed as being dangerous. You can have a number of C3 items listed on your report and your electrical installation would still be viewed as Satisfactory.

F1: Further Investigation Required

As it suggests, this suggests that a deeper investigation needs to be carried out to ensure the electrical system is in order. You will also be advised if there is any essential work to be carried out.

Fast Turnaround for Sutton Electrical Installation Condition Reports

Ring South London Electricians now on 07956 523316 to chat about a landlord’s electrical safety certificate for your Sutton private rental. You will immediately save time by being able to talk directly with an electrician. We appreciate that sometimes you will need your EICR rapidly. We can’t down tools and come round instantly, but you can be assured that we will be there at the earliest opportunity.

Carrying out electrical installation inspections is second nature to our Electricians therefore no time will be wasted during your inspection. We guarantee accuracy and speed using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and our local experience. Put all of this together and you have the best and most cost-effective EICR inspection possible.

We cover all of south London but here is a list of the key areas covered around Sutton:

Bandon Hill
Beddington Corner
Carshalton Beeches
Carshalton on the Hill
Little Woodcote
North Cheam
St. Helier
South Beddington
Sutton (principal town)
Sutton Common
Sutton High Street (located within Sutton)
The Wrythe
Woodcote Green
Worcester Park

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