Landlord’s EICR – Part 2

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Part 2 of our Landlord’s EICR information covers a variety of topics including the origins, the scope and other considerations.

The Landlord’s EICR – Development

The Housing and Planning Act of 2016 started the ball rolling for the development of the Landlord’s EICR. The Act granted the Government the power to regulate electrical safety standards in the private rental sector. The new Regulations are based on the recommendations of a working party which took into account the safety of the tenant and impact on the landlord.

The original working party recognised that it will be an extra burden on landlords but have tried to keep it to a minimum.

How South London Electricians can help reduce the burden for Croydon landlords …

We have carried out local electrical safety inspections for more than 25 years in the Croydon area and beyond. When you order your EICR from us, you can be sure your inspection will be carried out by an experienced electrician. Our electricians are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment, so you have the peace of mind that any faults requiring remedial action will be identified quickly and accurately.

Over the years, we have inspected properties large and small, ranging from hospitals, care homes and schools, through offices, hotels and HMOs down to one bedroom flats. You can benefit from this expertise by calling us on 07956 523316 any time for a free, no-obligation chat. You will be talking directly to an electrician, so you won’t have to wait for a receptionist to pass your details on meaning a shorter timescale for your EICR.

The Scope of the New Legislation

The new Electrical Safety Regulations apply to all of the private rented sector, including owners and managers of HMOs. The standards to be met are those of BS7671 – the 18th edition of the Wiring Regulations. Other than the inspection, if the report doesn’t require further investigation or remedial work, the landlord is not required to carry out any further work.

The regs apply to the installation, that is the fixed electrical parts – wiring, sockets, consumer unit, light fittings and so on. Potential overloading, shock or fire hazards, defective electrical work and the state of the earthing and bonding will also need to be checked. Appliances are beyond the scope of the EICR but are covered by PAT.

If your tenant has a right to occupy a property as a main or only residence, if they are paying rent, the new regulations apply. The regulations from 2006 for managers of HMOs placed specific duties on HMO landlords. This section of the 2006 Act has been repealed and HMOs are now covered by the new regs. If you are the landlord of a licenced HMO, the new Electrical Safety Regulations have imposed a mandatory condition in licences to ensure that all electrical installations in the HMO are in good order and safe for continued use.

The report will indicate the state of the various parts of the installation using codes. Codes C1 and C2 plus code FI indicate if you need to carry out remedial work or investigation. Code C3 indicates that improvement is recommended, but is not obligatory.

Fast Turnaround for Croydon Electrical Installation Condition Reports

Ring South London Electricians now on 07956 523316. You will immediately save time by being able to talk directly with an electrician. We appreciate that sometimes you will need your EICR rapidly. OK, so we won’t be able to down tools and come round instantly, but you can be assured that we will be there at the earliest opportunity.

Carrying out electrical installation inspections is second nature to our Electricians therefore no time will be wasted during your inspection. Having the latest diagnostic tools means that accuracy and speed is guaranteed. Put all of this together and you have the best and most cost-effective EICR inspection possible.

Areas Covered

Our team of experienced and fully qualified EICR inspectors are available to inspect your private rental property in the south east, from Central London to the Home Counties. We are based in Croydon, which puts us in easy reach of many Croydon Borough areas:

South Croydon
Hamsey Green

Along with this, we can also help customers in all other areas of South London:

Thornton Heath

In the Surrey area we regularly provide electrical inspections for domestic and commercial customers in



…call us on 07956 523316 any time for a free, no-obligation chat

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