Emergency Electricians for Warlingham

Image: London emergency electrician.

Electrical Safety

Annually, around four thousand deaths and injuries in the UK (figures from RoSPA and the HSE) are directly related to faulty household electrics.

Confirmation of this comes from the charity Electrical Safety First, who also say more or less half of the accidental fires in the home are caused by an electrical fault. Looking in more detail at the statistics shows four people per day lose their lives as a result of these fires.

Keeping an eye on your electrical system and calling out an emergency electrician will significantly cut your chances of joining these statistics …

Coulsdon Emergency Electrician

Energy saving low bay warehouse lighting.

When to Call an Emergency Electrician

Spotting early warning signs of a fault in your electrical system will therefore help you to avoid business downtime or avert a possible fire in your HMO or home. If you ignore them, things can quickly take a turn for the worse – an electrical fault could become an electrical emergency. Many electrical emergencies can cause fires which can become rapidly fatal.

The occasional flicker of lights or a noise when switching an appliance on or off are not usually a problem. If the issues recur, then they need investigating. If the recurrence …

Emergency Electricians for Beckenham (BR3, SE20)

Image: emergency electrician on a 24 hour call out in Pollards Hill, London.

Imagine the scene … hard day at work; no empty seats on the bus; glad to be getting home. You turn the corner into your street and notice the flashing blue lights further down the road. Suddenly, you realise that it is the fire brigade, and they are pumping water onto your home.

Months later, when the insurance investigation is over, they have determined that the fire started in a faulty wall socket in the kitchen. You keep mum about it because you had noticed that it sparked every time you unplugged the toaster. Maybe you should …

Emergency Electricians for Battersea (SW8, SW11)

Image: 24 hour emergency electrical service for London postcode BR2 (Keston)

Battersea Electrical Emergency Services

Electrical emergencies like flickering lights or buzzing noises from switches do not always seem to be important. Even though something like that does not seem to be serious, it can indicate that there is a major problem developing with your electrical system. The most common danger from any electrical emergency is fire. Fires caused by overheating electrical appliances, fittings and wiring kill many more people than electric shocks.

You can never tell when your Battersea home or business will experience an electrical emergency. But when it does, it helps to …

24 Hour New Addington Electricians (Croydon CR0)

Image: electrical installation condition report required?

Affordable 24 hour Emergency Electricians for New Addington

If your electrical switches or sockets start fizzing, buzzing, crackling or even sparking, there is something wrong. Left alone, the problem will only get worse. Eventually, this electrical emergency could cause a fire or possibly lead to electrocution. Imagine how that would feel.

If you are a manager of a public building or the safety officer for your company, you are legally required to make safe any electrical faults as soon as possible.

In either case, you need to call out a qualified emergency electrician. By choosing an …

Addiscombe Electricians – 24 Hour Emergency Service

Image: Sanderstead, Shirley, Croydon (CR0) emergency electrician - 0208 406 9834

Affordable 24 hour Emergency Electricians for Addiscombe

There is a fun word game called Fizz Buzz. But when your electric switches or plug sockets start to play, it’s time to call in South London Electricians! Fizzing, buzzing, crackling and even sparking indicate there is something wrong, you have what we call in the trade an electrical emergency.

Some Addiscombe electricians see this as a great opportunity to profit from your misfortune and will charge you a premium rate to fix it. That usually means £95 per hour and upwards.

We are local, and prefer not …

Emergency Electrician, SW13 (Barnes)

Image: Barnes, Crystal Palace, Brixton emergency electrician.

Barnes Electricians

South London Electricians was established in 1990, so you benefit from 28 years of experience. Whatever you electrical fault, we will have undoubtedly have seen it and repaired it somewhere on our patch.

Many emergency electricians in Barnes and elsewhere in London know that you have no choice but to call them out, and charge premium rates (usually £95 per hour and upwards). We prefer not to sting you for emergency work and charge our normal rate of just £65 per hour. It isn’t because we are less competent; it isn’t that …

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