Electrical Testing and Flooding – Croydon

Electrical check after flooding

Flooded Basement or Ground Floor?

The subject of climate change has been popular in the media over the last few years. Whether you believe that human activities are responsible or not is up to you. What is very clear from weather records is that extreme weather events are definitely becoming more common.

Stormy weather with heavy rain is one of the most destructive of nature’s offerings. Trees fall on power lines, floods get into substations causing regional power cuts.

But it also causes problems on a more local scale. A flood hitting your property can easily take out your electrics. When disaster strikes your Croydon home, call in the experts. When the surrounding flood water has dispersed, we can come in and pump out the remaining water, usually in your basement, garage or a lower ground floor. But we don’t just get rid of the water for you. Using our state of the art diagnostic equipment, we will test your electrical installation and provide you with a report on its condition.

Electrical Installation condition Report Needed Following a Burst Water Tank?

It is not just the weather that can flood your house. Many Croydon houses still have header tanks and hot water storage tanks. If these fail, water can penetrate your electrical system. The damage is not always visible, so it is best to get your installation checked for potential problems.

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Business EICR

This service is also available to Croydon businesses and landlords. Were are commercial electricians with over a quarter of a century experience working with three-phase installations.

For example, if you have a house converted into separate apartments, flats, maisonettes or an HMO, the main electrical switchgear is probably tucked away in the basement. A flood could affect more than one of your property rentals. All circuits need checking to ensure the safety of your tenants.

Similarly, any business owner or manager has a duty of care to ensure that all electrical installations are safe. A flood could compromise the electrical safety of your premises, so before you re-open after flooding, call in the experts, South London Electricians now. Big hotels, MoT stations, factories and offices – we have electricians for any type of premises.

After Flooding Electrical Emergency Fault Finding and Repair Services

Some of the electrical emergency fault finding and repair services we offer:

Consumer units & fuseboard problems
Circuit breakers tripping or fuses blowing
Restoring 3-phase business and industrial supplies
RCD constantly tripping
Complete loss of power
Faulty wiring in homes, hospitals, schools, offices etc
Faulty socket-outlets and power points
Faulty lighting
Faulty switches & dimmers
Faulty extractor fans, cookers and commercial kitchen equipment
Breakdowns of industrial machinery e.g. MoT car hoists, production lines etc.

Efficient, Ethical and Trustworthy Emergency Electricians

All our work is fully guaranteed and insured.

We are local, and prefer not to sting you for emergency electrical repairs. We would not appreciate paying through the nose for an emergency repair of any sort, so we treat you as we would want to be treated. It’s not because we are less experienced or less competent, we are ethical professional electricians and believe that the quality of our service is second to none.

You can call us on 07956 523316 at ANY HOUR of the day.

We are registered electricians. This means we are constantly monitored for efficiency, quality and safety. You benefit from the peace of mind that your electrical repair will be carried out to the highest of standards.

Our team members are all equipped with the latest test equipment, so after we have got rid of the flood water, we can pinpoint any electrical problems quickly. You benefit from a fast repair at a lower cost as we will be in and out quicker than many others.

We have been trading since 1990, if we were anything other than efficient, ethical or trustworthy, we would have disappeared a long time ago. When you call us to your home, business or public building, you benefit from many years of experience. Whatever the fault, we will undoubtedly have dealt with it, if not in your exact Croydon postcode, it will have been somewhere close.

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