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Fitting a car charging point

South London Electricians are an experienced independent home car charger installer based here in Croydon. We strive for excellence in all aspects of our work – quality of installation, customer service, technical competence and tidiness.

Call us on 07956 523316 – you will talk directly to one of our qualified electricians for Croydon. This means you don’t have to explain what you want to a receptionist, wait for a call back and then go over the same stuff again with the electrician. So loads less hassle for you.

Your appointment will be arranged for a time that suits you best. Our electricians are local to Croydon, so you don’t need to waste time explaining how to get to your property.

A home car charger requires a new circuit and is therefore subject to part P regulations. We are Part P accredited and can issue your certificate immediately following the installation.

Why have an electric car charging point at your Croydon home?

Having a home electric car charging point is convenient. It saves needing to find a public EV charger or needing to use one of the ones at work. You don’t actually need a charging point at home, you can charge from a standard 13 amp wall  socket, however, this is really slow. Generally, you will need 24 hours to fully charge your electric car, depending on the battery capacity. If you want to charge your car overnight, a dedicated charging point is essential.

Having a dedicated car charging point is also potentially safer. Charging from a socket means that there will be a lead trailing on the floor between the socket and your car. This is a trip hazard. It can lead to the plug being ripped out of the socket, damaging the cable, plug and socket at the same time.

The plug is captive in the charging point socket, so it will not be ripped out if someone does catch it with their foot or some other object like a chair. As an experienced car charging point installer, we will site your charging point in the place that minimises the chance of anyone tripping over the lead.

What car charging installation is best?

This is largely down to personal preference and budget. The larger the car charging point rating, the faster your car will charge. The charger can be tethered or untethered, in other words, with a built-in cable specific to your vehicle or not. Untethered means you use the charging cable that comes with the car. They both have their advantages and disadvantages – some people prefer the smaller size of an untethered charger, whilst others prefer to leave the charging lead in the boot, just pick up the lead when you get home and plug it into the car.

The best car charging point installer in Croydon?

Choosing your home electric car charger can be stressful, so, for the best no-obligation, no pressure information on home car charging points installation in Croydon, feel free to contact us today on 07956 523316

We cover all of south London but here is a list of the key areas covered in Croydon:

Broad Green
Crystal Palace
Hamsey Green
Monks Orchard
New Addington
Norwood New Town
Old Coulsdon
Pollards Hill
Purley Oaks
South Croydon
South Norwood
Thornton Heath
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