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Croydon and south Londo home EV charging points

Electric vehicles are an essential part of a carbon neutral Britain, but obviously the mileage range of electric vehicles is a concern. There are an increasing number of charging points available around the country but using them on a daily basis is not always convenient. That’s why having a home electric car charging point at your home in Croydon is a great idea.

Why get an electric car charging point fitted at your Croydon home?

There are two downsides to using a standard wall socket to charge your electric vehicle. Firstly, there is the safety aspect. Having your charging lead trailing across the floor is a trip hazard. If you or someone else catches the lead with their foot, the lead can be ripped from the socket.

As well as being annoying, the socket or plug could be damaged. That damage is likely to be internal with a worst case scenario of becoming a fire hazard.

The second downside is that charging your electric vehicle using a 13 amp wall socket is s–l–oooo–w!! A full charge can take a day or more depending on the capacity of your battery. Effectively, a socket provides you with a 2 kW charging point.

Professionally installed home electric vehicle charge points will charge your vehicle 2 – 3 times faster.

Installing an electric vehicle charging point

An EV (Electric Vehicle) charging point requires a dedicated circuit and off-street parking. If your vehicle has a small to medium capacity battery, a 16A rating should suffice. This gives a 3kW charging point. For larger vehicles or faster charging, a 32A circuit is used. This gives a 7kW charge point. In both cases, a new circuit needs to be added to your home and therefore must comply with Part P regs. You can do this yourself, that is if you don’t mind a lot of faffing around to get the certificate. You will still need a professional electrician to connect into the consumer unit.

The much easier solution is to let us install your Croydon home electric vehicle charging point. We are Part P accredited and will issue your certificate immediately.

The best EV charging point installers

Call us on 07956 523316 – you will talk directly to one of our qualified electricians for Croydon. This means you don’t have to explain what you want to a receptionist, wait for a call back and go over the same stuff again with the electrician. Less hassle for you. You make an appointment with the electrician at a time that suits you best. The electrician is local so you don’t need to waste time explaining how to get to your Croydon property.

Which home car charger should I get?

The quick answer is the bigger the better. Bigger doesn’t mean physical size, it refers to the rating. A 7 kW charger will charge up your electric vehicle about 3 times faster than a wall socket. If your electric car is not rated to be charged at 7kW, no problem, the onboard software will take care of that. It also gives you options for the future is you wish to change your vehicle.

One myth about the bigger chargers is that you will end up paying more. This is simply not true, they put the same amount of electricity into your electric vehicle battery, they just do it faster.

There are two basic designs of charging point – tethered or untethered (also called universal). The tethered type are more expensive as they have the charging lead attached. They are fitted with a plug that is specific to your electric vehicle. Untethered are a wall socket with a higher rating than your standard wall sockets. They also have a locking mechanism that keeps the plug in the socket if someone trips over the wire.

So, when you are ready to sort out your EV home charging system, Call us on 07956 523316 for an obligation free chat about the best solution for you.

We cover all of south London but here is a list of the key areas covered in Croydon:

Broad Green
Crystal Palace
Hamsey Green
Monks Orchard
New Addington
Norwood New Town
Old Coulsdon
Pollards Hill
Purley Oaks
South Croydon
South Norwood
Thornton Heath
Upper Norwood
Upper Shirley

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