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Live in Bromley and thinking of getting an electric vehicle? If you have off-street parking, it is well worth installing a home car charging point at the same time. Why? There are an increasing number of electric vehicle charging points available around the South London but using them on a daily basis is not always convenient. Much easier to charge your vehicle overnight at home.

Why bother with a home electric vehicle charging point?

Why indeed? You can just plug your electric vehicle into a standard wall socket and charge from that. Hmm, OK, but it’s really slow. To charge fully can take a day or more. The socket is only a 2 kW charging point. A professionally installed home electric vehicle charge point will charge your vehicle 2 – 3 times faster.

Another major issue is safety. The lead will be draped across the floor and therefore presents a trip hazard. If someone does catch the lead with their feet, the plug could be pulled out of the wall socket. This is bad for the plug and bad for the socket. It could leave you with an electrical emergency – a damaged wall socket is a fire hazard and shock hazard.

Also, unless you are lucky enough to have a garage with power, you will need to leave a window cracked open overnight to pass the cable through. So there are security issues as well as increasing your carbon footprint by letting warm air escape from inside your Bromley home. An electric car home charger point can be sited outside and in a location that will minimise the likelihood of someone tripping over it.

Installing a home electric vehicle charger, Bromley

As well as off-street parking, a home charging point will require a dedicated new circuit adding to your home’s electrical installation. This will need to be certified under part P of BS7671 therefore it should be installed by a qualified electrician. So …

… call us on 07956 523316 – you will talk directly to one of our qualified electricians for Bromley. This means you don’t have to explain what you want to a receptionist, wait for a call back and go over the same stuff again with the electrician. Less hassle for you. You make an appointment with the electrician at a time that suits you best. The electrician is local to Bromley, so you don’t need to waste time explaining how to get to your property. We are Part P accredited and can issue your certificate immediately.

Which charge point is best for me?

If your vehicle has a small to medium capacity battery, a 16A charger should suffice. This gives a 3kW charging point. For larger vehicles or faster charging, a 32A circuit is used. This gives a 7kW charge point. There are two types of electric vehicle charging point – tethered and plug-in. The tethered EV charging points are specific to your electric vehicle. The plug is integral to the wall unit and the cable unrolls from the wall to your vehicle. Between charges, the plug and cable is stored with the charging point. The disadvantage of this is that if you change vehicle, you may need to change the plug. Also, you will still need to carry a loose charging lead in your car to charge away from home.

The plug-in type of charging point is cheaper and potentially more versatile. You use the lead that comes with your car and plug into the dedicated wall socket. It is therefore not dependent on the vehicle you buy. The wall socket of an EV charging point clamps the plug in place, meaning the plug won’t be pulled out if someone catches the lead.

Finding the Best Electric Car Charging Point Installers for Bromley

Now you are ready to sort out your EV home charging system, call us on 07956 523316 for an no-obligation chat about the best and most cost-effective solution for you.

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