Electrician to Repair Consumer Unit Southwark

2:29 pm
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Consumer unit repair, EICR inspection

Southwark Power Cut – Tripping Consumer Unit

A loss of power itself is not necessarily an electrical emergency, but the cause behind it could be. Take for example something that could happen to any business, public building or home in Southwark- a consumer unit that trips out.

First Steps to Take Before Calling an SE1 or SE5 Emergency Electrician

By the time you are reading this, you will undoubtedly have tried resetting the main switch. If the problem was temporary e.g. someone had overloaded a socket somewhere, no problem, no repair needed. The consumer unit will […]

Wandsworth Flickering Lights

2:37 pm
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Image: flickering lights in Wandsworth - emergency electrician call out.

Flickering Lights – When to Worry

Flickering lights can be irritating but were you aware that they could be an indicator of an electrical emergency at your Wandsworth property?

A lot of the time, whatever causes your lights to flicker is benign. Sometimes, it can be the ‘tip of the iceberg’ and indicate your electrical system has a major fault.

Deciding if you need a Wandsworth Emergency Electrician

Making the decision about calling out an emergency electrician in Wansdsworth can be tricky. On one hand, you don’t want to spend money needlessly. On the […]

Emergency Electrician, Wandsworth 24 Hour Electricians

10:14 am
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Wandsworth Emergency electrician

24/7 emergency electricians covering Wandsworth. Team of specialist electricians and electrical engineers for domestic and commercial electrical emergencies – call 0208 406 9834 at any time. Half of our vans are electric vehicles, so we can arrive quietly in the small hours if necessary!

When to Call an Emergency Electrician to your Wandsworth Home or Business

Electrical emergencies take many forms. Flickering lights, an RCD that won’t reset, switch making a ‘sizzling’ noise, ‘fishy’ or other smells of hot plastic and so on are all indicators of a problem with your electrical system. On the […]

RCD Tripping? Wandsworth (SW18) Emergency Electrician

3:03 pm
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Emergency Electrician, EICR

RCD Tripping? Need an electrician in Wandsworth?

Nuisance RCD tripping can be really annoying, but it could also indicate underlying issues with your electrical system. If your RCD trips when you know you have overloaded the system, resetting it is fine. But if an RCD trips once the overloading item is disconnected, that is the time to call in a Wandsworth emergency electrician.

We offer a full 24 hour emergency electrical service for the whole of south London, not just the SW18 Wandsworth area. An electrician could be with you within the hour, night […]

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