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Image - old electrical testing equipment.

Hazardous wiring in Hampton? Perished insulation in Petersham? Commercial kitchen earthing in Kew?

When buying a property in Richmond, whether it is commercial, buy to let or residential, you will undoubtedly need a survey. But most surveyors are not qualified commercial or residential electricians and can only give an indication of the state of the electrical system in a house, office, hotel etc. In order to find out exactly what needs doing and how urgent the work is, an electrical survey is required.

Homebuyers electrical survey

Average house prices in Richmond during 2016/17 ranged from about half …

Warehouse and Office Lighting Southwark and Lewisham

LED Warehouse and Office Lighting Units

A very simple way of lowering operating costs for your Southwark office or Lewisham warehouse would be to install bright LED low bay lighting. But not only will it help you save cash, it will help with your environmental credentials as well. They use a comparable amount of electricity to your existing fluorescent lighting (and much less if you are still using HID or incandescent), but last considerably longer meaning your company will send less to the new waste management facility in Devon Street or Landmann Way.

Mercury is a …

100 Watt Low Bay LED Lighting for Bromley Businesses

Energy saving low bay warehouse lighting.

Review of Right-Light® 100 Watt Low Bay LED light unit

When upgrading warehouse lighting, we always recommend the use of LED lighting over other formats. Not only does this normally pay for itself within a couple of years, it can give you access to tax relief too. LED low bay lighting uses a fraction of the electricity of other forms of lighting, can be switched off when it is not needed and will have a practical life of 50,000 hours or more before it requires changing. This adds up to an unbeatable cost …

Bulkhead and Amenity Lighting Solutions for Croydon

Bulkhead lighti fittings with opalescent and prismatic diffusers

Whether you are a manager of a Croydon business, public building or large retail outlet, you will be aware that lighting your general circulation areas, toilets, changing rooms, stairwells and underground car park can be a drain on finances if your bulkhead lighting is old, inefficient and needs to be left on all of the time. Upgrading to new, energy saving lighting units could help you achieve your financial and environmental targets.

2D lighting solutions

In areas requiring constant lighting, for example busy corridors or changing rooms with constant traffic, 2D bulkhead lamps are a good …

The Easy Way to Upgrade your Warehouse and Office Lighting

Image: fluorescent bulb with red cross through it on an article about commercial LED lighting in south London.

Cash savings of LED lighting systems for businesses

One of the challenges to any business in London is finding easy to implement strategies that will cut overheads. A simple starting point is to look at your lighting systems. Over the last few years, LED lighting modules have increased in efficiency and are now a viable alternative to more conventional systems using fluorescent tubes or HID lamps.

Low bay LED lighting

Not all areas of a warehouse or office require lighting all of the time. Using conventional lighting, switching them on and off as required …

How to Save Your Business Money and Reduce Your Tax Bill

Image: south London warehouse LED lighting.

Warehouse LED Lighting

There are several ways of reducing overheads and tax, but one of the most practical is to replace your incandescent or fluorescent lighting with high energy efficiency warehouse LED lighting. LED modules and control systems are available for both low bay or high bay lighting systems.

So how does this work?

Over the course of a year, the savings in lighting costs can be significant. For example, installing LED low bay lighting units in your South London Warehouse, with PIR (Passive infra-red) detectors and timers, could save well over 50 …

Commercial Electricians in Tooting

Image: Work carried out by a commercial electrician in London.

Finding a commercial electrician in Tooting is not exactly difficult. But what is more difficult is finding a reliable commercial electrician who can visit your business, any day, any time to deal with any issues that arise.

Electrical problems at your business premises could severely affect trading if not corrected quickly. The law requires that all electrical installations are maintained in a safe and secure manner in order that employees and visitors are safe. An electrical fault could render your business illegal if not fixed as soon as possible.

It’s not just safety and the law that …

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