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When to Call an Emergency Electrician

Spotting early warning signs of a fault in your electrical system will therefore help you to avoid business downtime or avert a possible fire in your HMO or home. If you ignore them, things can quickly take a turn for the worse – an electrical fault could become an electrical emergency. Many electrical emergencies can cause fires which can become rapidly fatal.

The occasional flicker of lights or a noise when switching an appliance on or off are not usually a problem. If the issues recur, then they need investigating. If the recurrence is infrequent, making an appointment for an electrician to call is usually fine. The time to call in an emergency electrician to your Coulsdon property is when something suddenly goes wrong for no apparent reason or when a fault is persistent.

Signs and symptoms to look out for include sparks when flipping a switch or unplugging an appliance; buzzing noises in fittings; lights flickering on a long-term basis; overheating fittings and appliances; fishy smells from fittings or wiring and of course circuit breakers tripping out repeatedly.

What to do About an Electrical Fault or Electrical Emergency in Coulsdon?

Probably the worst thing you could do is to try to do your own temporary or permanent repair. Why? The cause of the fault is not necessarily where you observe it. Also, if you carry out a repair that is incorrect, it will make the problem worse. It could also leave you open to potential legal action. Electrical fault repair is best left to a Coulsdon (CR5) emergency electrician to sort out.

Affordable and Reliable Coulsdon Emergency Electrician

South London Electricians was established in 1990, so you benefit from many years of knowledge and experience. Whatever the fault, we have ‘been there, done that, got the T-shirt’, if not in your Coulsdon CR5 postcode, it will have been somewhere close.

Unlike many Coulsdon emergency electricians, we prefer not to sting you for emergency work and charge our normal rate of just £65 per hour. It’s not because we are less experienced or less competent, we just don’t see why you should pay through the nose because you have an electrical fault.

Qualified, Time Served Electricians for the Coulsdon Area

Our emergency electricians are all fully qualified, time-served and have been installing domestic and commercial electrics around the capital for many years. Take a look at our Checkatrade reviews, you will see how our customers are pleased with the value for money, reliability, efficiency and how we clean up after the work.

Our experienced emergency electricians are available to respond to your call at any time of day and night. We are all equipped with the latest test equipment that helps us to pinpoint most developing electrical problems quickly. You benefit from a fast repair at a lower cost as we will be in and out faster than many others.

You can call us on 07956 523316 at ANY HOUR of the day.

We have both domestic and commercial emergency electricians available in the Coulsdon (CR5) area and can therefore deal with any emergency electrical problem rapidly – consumer units, 3-phase supplies, lighting issues, faulty wiring etc.

Fast Coulsdon Emergency Electrician Service

When searching for a suitable emergency electrician, speed is of the essence. Look carefully at any electrical contractors you are considering. Make sure they are genuinely local and not a national chain, pretending to be local. Yes, they will use local emergency electricians but they are not necessarily in the CR5 Coulsdon area. The electrician may be somewhere in north London and will take a while to get over to you in Coulsdon.

Your call will go to a call centre, where you will need to describe your electrical fault. That information will then be passed on to a more local electrician, somewhere in London. They will then have to ring you, go through the details you have already given to a receptionist, which wastes time.

In other words, valuable repair time is lost unless you choose an electrician in the local area.

Here at South London Electricians, you will speak directly to an electrician for Coulsdon. Instead of pacing up and down for ages, waiting for a call back, by ringing us, one of our emergency electricians could already be on-site, fixing your problem.

So remember, keep our number handy for whenever you need a commercial or domestic emergency electrician in CR5 (Coulsdon):

07956 523316

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