South West London Data Cabling and Network Installer.

Image: data network cabling for south west London

If you are seeking a reputable and professional company to design and install your data cabling network, you should seriously consider South London Electricians.

Why choose us as your South West London Data Cabling Contractor?

Our mission statement is ‘On time, on budget, to the highest standards‘. We never adopt a ‘that’ll do’ approach, it has to be perfect for your needs. All ‘snagging’ will be done before the job is signed off.

We have strict controls that we use to measure our performance and believe that customer feedback is an essential part of the […]

The Key Home Buying Step that Most Purchasers in Bromley Forget!

Image: home buyers electrical report, Bromley.

Buying a house is a complex process; budget, timing of your mortgage application, leasehold or freehold, finding an efficient firm of solicitors and of course finding the perfect home. And once you have found the right house in the right location, you need to make an offer.

The asking price is simply a starting point. When negotiating the final sale price, it can be useful to know what essential work needs doing, including the often overlooked state of the electrical installation. You can then get an idea of how much that the work would cost and base your target price […]

Exterior Bulkhead and Amenity Lighting Installer Croydon, Bromley

Image: Amenity lighting installer Croydon and Bromley.

Amenity Lighting Installer

Lighting internal and external circulation areas like stairwells, car parks, toilets, corridors and changing rooms is a drain on finances. This is particularly true where the bulkhead lighting was fitted a while ago. Older systems tend to be less efficient and need to be left on all the time or manually switched by users of the space. Whatever area you manage – Croydon hotel, business, public building in Bromley etc, you should consider an update of your amenity lighting system.

2D lighting solutions

2D lighting is an excellent solution for […]

Croydon Network Cabling Installer

Image of VGA connector for network cabling installer in Croydon, London

The Simple Way to Upgrade your Network Cabling

If you are a business owner or IT manager of a public building in Croydon,  having a sound data network is essential. WiFi is OK but can be prone to a variety of problems that reduce efficiency of computer systems and therefore your staff (and students if you are in a Croydon school). A much better network solution is data cabling. Data is transmitted faster and with fewer losses and it is a lot more robust.

A structured network cabling system can provide you with a […]

Richmond Electrical Services – Inspections and Reports

Image - old electrical testing equipment.

Hazardous wiring in Hampton? Perished insulation in Petersham? Commercial kitchen earthing in Kew?

When buying a property in Richmond, whether it is commercial, buy to let or residential, you will undoubtedly need a survey. But most surveyors are not qualified commercial or residential electricians and can only give an indication of the state of the electrical system in a house, office, hotel etc. In order to find out exactly what needs doing and how urgent the work is, an electrical survey is required.

Homebuyers electrical survey

Average house prices in Richmond during 2016/17 ranged from about half […]

Warehouse and Office Lighting Southwark and Lewisham

LED Warehouse and Office Lighting Units

A very simple way of lowering operating costs for your Southwark office or Lewisham warehouse would be to install bright LED low bay lighting. But not only will it help you save cash, it will help with your environmental credentials as well. They use a comparable amount of electricity to your existing fluorescent lighting (and much less if you are still using HID or incandescent), but last considerably longer meaning your company will send less to the new waste management facility in Devon Street or Landmann Way.

Mercury is a […]

100 Watt Low Bay LED Lighting for Bromley Businesses

Energy saving low bay warehouse lighting.

Review of Right-Light® 100 Watt Low Bay LED light unit

When upgrading warehouse lighting, we always recommend the use of LED lighting over other formats. Not only does this normally pay for itself within a couple of years, it can give you access to tax relief too. LED low bay lighting uses a fraction of the electricity of other forms of lighting, can be switched off when it is not needed and will have a practical life of 50,000 hours or more before it requires changing. This adds up to an unbeatable cost […]

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