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LED Warehouse and Office Lighting Units

A very simple way of lowering operating costs for your Southwark office or Lewisham warehouse would be to install bright LED low bay lighting. But not only will it help you save cash, it will help with your environmental credentials as well. They use a comparable amount of electricity to your existing fluorescent lighting (and much less if you are still using HID or incandescent), but last considerably longer meaning your company will send less to the new waste management facility in Devon Street or Landmann Way.

Mercury is a toxic metal that is an essential component of fluorescent lighting in offices and warehouses. Your staff probably are unaware that if a fluorescent tube is broken, the mercury vapour will enter the air in the building. It can then be breathed in by staff, contributing to the level of heavy metals that enter their body. By changing to LED low bay lighting, you can avoid this seldom-mentioned aspect of health and safety.

Not all areas of a warehouse or office require lighting all of the time. Using conventional and fluorescent ighting, switching them on and off as required is rarely practical. Using incandescent bulbs, full lighting levels are achieved instantly, however, switching them on and off repeatedly can shorten their life. You will end up spending more on materials and labour for changing the blown bulbs. Repeatedly switching fluorescent lighting on and off also shortens the life of the tube and starter capacitor but the biggest problem with fluorescent is the brightness – they take  a minute or three before they have reached full brightness.

If you change to LED lighting for your Southwark office or Lewisham warehouse, you will benefit in several ways. Firstly, LED lighting systems can supply the same or more light output as your old system but using a lot less electricity – in the extreme, you could save up to 75% on your lighting electricity bill. Secondly, if you get a professional commercial electrician to fit your warehouse or office LED lighting systems, you could be eligible for an immediate reduction in your next tax bill. Other benefits include less frequent replacement of blown bulbs or flickering tubes meaning lower maintenance costs and you won’t need to carry as many spares. You should expect around 50,000 hours from an LED lighting unit – compare that to the much lower lifetime expected from fluorescent tubes and incandescent units.

How do warehouse and office LED lighting systems work?

An LED is a neat little electrical component that converts electricity directly into light. This is much more efficient than incandescent warehouse or office lighting systems which convert the electricity into heat first. There is still some energy lost from LEDs as heat, but much less than with either fluorescent tubes or HID bulbs. It is for that reason, LED lighting really makes sense. Less electricity used means cheaper bills and less carbon dioxide emitted.

Criticisms of early LED commercial lighting units tended to put most businesses off having them installed. The lighting was harsh; there were dark areas as they only threw light out at a narrow angle; flickering and so on. Business lighting based on LEDs is now trouble-free and when coupled with even a basic control system, can save any Southwark or Lewisham business hundreds or even thousands of pounds over the course of a year. You can also purchase lighting with a specific ‘colour temperature’ so that it will be exactly suited to the application e.g. daylight where colour recognition is really important or the comfort of office staff is your aim. A happy workforce is more efficient.

South London Electricians use Right-Light® 200W high output LED warehouse and office lighting modules which are eligible for the government’s enhanced capital allowance scheme, together with the most energy-efficient drivers and control systems. So to make sure that your business saves spending on both taxes and utility bills, contact us on 07956 523316 for a free, no-obligation chat with one of our experienced warehouse lighting electricians.

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