Data Wiring and Cabling Systems

Data Wiring

You may have found this page by searching for ‘data wiring in Croydon’ or perhaps ‘data cabling in South London’. You have certainly arrived in the right place as we are qualified and experienced data wiring installers for all areas of London – Balham, Streatham, Chelsea, Lewisham and the rest!

There are two main categories of data wiring, viz. 5 and 6. Category 5 has a second ‘flavour’ – cat. 5e. The ‘e’ stands for enhanced and systems using 5e wiring can provide better rates of transfer of data – up to 1 Gig per second. Category 6 wiring […]

Ryefield Distribution Boards

The name of the Ryefield board is sometimes used in the same way as Biro and Hoover. In other words, a brand name is used as a description of the item. Ryefield is a manufacturer of electrical distribution boards and, as the market leader, so the term ‘ryefield board’ is used at times to describe any distribution board.

What is a Ryefield Distribution Board?

In short, it is a sturdily built, lockable and sealable system that is used to distribute a three phase or single phase electrical supply to several locations. It is normally used to distribute electricity […]

Commercial Electrician for Streatham, Balham, Herne Hill

A safe and robust system for a business does not come together by accident. Electrical work is both an art and a science. The artistry creates neat and efficiently routed wiring that does not get in the way of day to day operations. The science creates a correctly balanced system that delivers your needs now and for the future. The benefit of this is that you will avoid the hassle of realising that an extra socket or one more lighting unit is needed when the work is finished.

In other words, you need South London Electricians. We deliver what you […]

South London LED Garden Lighting

Garden Lighting for Streatham, Balham, Herne Hill

Thanks to several TV programmes, we now see our gardens as ‘outdoor rooms’ rather than somewhere to grow a few flowers, fruit and veg. They have become spaces for outdoor summer living and entertaining visitors. Not so many years ago, turning on the downstairs house lights was most people’s way of lighting the garden after dark or maybe an outside lamp or floodlight fixed to the wall. And to get around the garden without falling over the cat or ending up in the rose bed, a torch was essential!

Walk […]

Reliable electrician in Croydon

Looking for a reliable electrician in Croydon to install three phase industrial equipment? Need a competent electrical contractor to rewire your Croydon house? Are you a Croydon restaurant owner who wants professionally installed kitchen equipment?

Finding an electrician in Croydon isn’t exactly like looking for a needle in a haystack as there is a large choice both online and in telephone directories. However, we appreciate that selecting an electrician that you can trust with your domestic or commercial electrical project is not straightforward.

Obviously we believe that we are the perfect electrical contractor for your job! Our Croydon based […]

24 hour London Emergency Electrician

Looking for an emergency electrician?

There is no need for you to look any further! South London Electricians offer a fast-response emergency call out service for London. When you call us, one of the team can be with you in a short space of time, giving you the peace of mind that your electrical problem will be quickly put right.

Fully accredited emergency electricians

When you call, you will be speaking directly to a fully qualified and experienced electrician and not a secretary or administrator. This means that you will receive […]

self test emergency lights in london


What is a Self-Test emergency light?

Building managers have their work cut out for them as far as building maintenance and the maintenance of building safety measures are concerned. They have to contend with endless plumbing concerns, breaks, and electrical faults. At least emergency light testing can be one less thing to worry about with self-testing emergency lights.

In a building that has emergency lights as well as lighted exit signs, such as public buildings and places of commerce,  the law requires the official testing of these emergency lights, every month with a longer test […]

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