Commercial Electricians in Wandsworth


Looking for a commercial electrician to install high current three phase switchgear? Need a competent electrical contractor to rewire your industrial unit? Are you a Wandsworth hotel owner who needs professionally installed kitchen equipment?

Finding a competent and reliable Wandsworth commercial electrical contractor can be a bit daunting – you will want to know that you are hiring someone who knows exactly what they are doing.

The correct and safe installation of commercial electrics needs training, specialist knowledge and many years of experience. Because they are not routinely involved in the installation, maintenance and/or repair of heavy equipment such as industrial powerplants, heating and air conditioning systems, manufacturing machinery and so on, domestic elecrical companies don’t have the right skill set.

We aren’t being rude or doing down domestic  electricians but consider this, would you like a motorbike mechanic to repair or maintain your expensive new hybrid car?

Horses for courses as they say.

For commercial and industrial premises, three phase power is usually supplied. While three phase loads take balanced power from the three phases, any single phase loads need to distributed to ensure equal loading of the three phases. Each row of breakers in the distribution board is fed from a different phase to allow 3-pole common-trip breakers to have one pole on each phase.

An electrician working on these who is only used to domestic supplies at 240V 60 to 100A supplies will often get into to a mess. The implication for you is that you will have to call in a commercial electrical contractor to complete the job – we receive emergency call-outs like that on a monthly basis. You suffer from greater disruption, more expense and the potential of days without power.

Obviously we believe that we are ideal for your job, our commercial electricians have more years of experience than they care to think about! But here are a few more of our tips about what to look for when choosing your Wandsworth commercial electrician:

Word of mouth is a great way to find a trustworthy electrician. Have a chat with your friends and acquaintances from other local Wandsworth businesses to find out if they have used any commercial electricians and if they have, add those electricians to your shortlist.

Be specific and set out a detailed, clear brief when you make the initial contact with any Wandsworth commercial electicrians. Requesting at least three quotes to be made in person on-site is a good idea. If a particular commercial electricians are not available at short notice, they may also be too busy to get your project finished in a timely manner. Also, if they are reluctant to visit, they may have little experience in your specific situation. A confident and experienced Wandsworth commercial electrician will be ready to make an estimate whenever possible unless their schedule is packed to the limit.

Don’t just go with the cheapest, consider your ability to communicate with the firm and the quality of their work. You will get a feel for this when they come to your Wandsworth premises to quote for the job. A reputable commercial electrician should be able to give an on-the-spot best estimate as a minimum. If they need to go away and think about it, or give a quote that is significantly higher or lower than the others, it could be an indicator of a lack of experience.

Always use a written contract as it offers you protection if anything does go wrong. Also agree in writing any changes to the original contract before the work is done.

Seek references, speak to previous customers and if possible, visit previous jobs.

South London electricians are THE commercial electricians of choice for Wandsworth businesses. We install energy efficient lighting for offices, retail units, car parks, light industrial units, warehouses, cold stores and factories; change fuseboards; install high current three-phase electrical machinery including, catering equipment; carry out partial and full rewiring of commercial premises; install high-current switchgear, back-up generators and armoured cabling plus flameproof wiring for paint spray booths, MoT bays and more.

So give us a call on 07956 523316 without any commitment whatsoever – you will speak directly to an electrician (not a receptionist) who will offer you the best advice based on your electrical requirements there and then.

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