Commercial Kitchen Electricians in Balham


We are experienced commercial electricians for Balham and have installed many professional kitchens in the borough for pubs, restaurants, hotels and other catering related businesses. Sometimes we have installed just part of the kitchen like the cooker or a bratt pan; other times it has been rewiring or adding extra sockets for the portable commercial kitchen appliances. We have many years experience of three phase and single phase installations and are qualified to work on both.

Balham commercial oven tripping constantly

One of our recent jobs was a call out to a newly re-fitted commercial kitchen in a medium sized Balham hotel. The cooker was constantly tripping when in heavy use which puzzled them as their three phase supply was rated at 75 amps and the cooker was only a 32 amp rating. They were a bit wary of calling the supplier’s installer back in to investigate as they were convinced that he had done something wrong, so instead they opted to call in a specialist commercial electrician. South London Electricians stepped up to the oche to investigate. It turned out that the cooker could be installed either as a single phase or three phase appliance. The fitter had chosen to install it as single phase. A three phase 75 amp supply has 25 amps rating per phase so the 32 amps of the cooker when in full use was bound to trip. We re-fitted it as a three phase appliance and within a couple of hours of our arrival – problem solved.

Choosing Balham hotel kitchen equipment

But why choose electrical commercial kitchen equipment for your Balham hotel, restaurant, pub or catering business in the f‏irst place?

It is more efficient as each of the three phases carries less current and so less energy is wasted due to resistance. Electrical appliances release no fumes into the atmosphere so the extractor system only has to deal with the vapours from cooking, reducing both initial and long term running costs. In terms of the cooking, electric ovens cook more evenly than gas ovens.

Kitchen equipment suppliers will often try to get you to use their own fitters, however, a professional, fully qualified commercial electrician in Balham can do a better job of the electrical installation. So call South London Electricians now on 07956 523316. We also offer a 24 hour emergency electrical service for Balham so that you can be assured that should you suffer an electrial problem, we are there to support you and your kitchen 24 hours a day..

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