How can a commercial electrician in Orpington help to make your business profitable?


Electricity is at the heart of any business and making sure that your use of electricity is at peak efficiency is important. One of the key areas in which significant amounts of money can be saved is lighting – this applies equally to all businesses from large Orpington Warehouses to small offices. Lighting in businesses is very often on the whole day and is a significant part of your budget – replacing this with energy efficient LED lighting could slash lighting expenditure by up to 80%, depending on what is already fitted.

Experienced Commercial and Industrial Electricians for Orpington

South London Electricians are an experienced team of commercial and industrial electricians who are qualified to fit all types of LED and other energy saving lighting – high and low bay, car parks, building exteriors and office lighting systems. We will assess your current use and future requirements and let you have a free, no obligation quote or estimate.

One of the biggest objections to the installation of LED lighting is the initial cost, however, the savings are immediate and your new business lighting system in Orpington could have paid for itself in as little as a couple of years. The savings continue beyond that. LED lighting units are long-lasting – 25,000 to 30,000 hours so once fitted, it will be many years before they need changing. Compare that to HID or conventional fluorescent lighting.

Three phase Electricians, Orpington

Many Orpington businesses, including hotels and commercial kitchens will operate on three phase supplies. If something goes wrong, it needs to be repaired quickly and at the first visit. Many commercial electricians in Orpington will advertise that they are qualified to work on both single and three phase installations however their levels of experience will vary. We have been called in on more than one occasion in order to pick up the pieces after other industrial electricians have found themselves out of their depth. We have many years of experience working on high rated industrial installations so call us first on 07956 523316 rather than leaving it until others have backed off.

UPS Generator Suppliers, Orpington

For large businesses, food businesses with cold stores and large freezers, having an uninteruptable power supply (UPS) is crucial. There are few Orpington industrial electricians who are qualified to handle the installation or replacement of UPS generators and control panels. South London Electricians have fitted, replaced and decommisioned numerous generators throughout London, not just for Orpington businesses. So contact us now to on 07956 523316 find out how you could make power cuts a thing of the past.

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