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Reputable experienced commercial electricians

Looking for a reputable commercial electrician for your South Croydon business? Not all commercial electricians are equal, there are companies out there who will claim to be fully qualified to work on all commercial and industrial systems, however, some will soon falter when confronted with three-phase installations, particularly high current supplies. This is probably not their fault, it is often just a lack of experience.

However, incorrectly finished electrical jobs are a disaster waiting to happen! Financially, it is a waste of money having the work put right. It can also lead to dangerous situations, which could prove to be fatal for your staff and visitors. Here at South London Electricians, we have many years of experience safely and expertly working on heavy duty three-phase industrial installations as well as lighter duty office, shop and retail unit electrics.

Finding the best commercial electrical services in South Croydon.

You deserve a service provider with qualified staff, prompt service, and reasonable pricing to boot. But how can you find one? There are a number of commercial electricians in the area so here are some tips on how to decide which to use:

Word of mouth – recommendations from other business owners will give you the confidence that the commercial electrician is capable of carrying out the electrical work on your premises.

Independent reviews – you need to be a little careful when using the Internet as it is not always clear as to whether a review is truly independent or not. Using a well established and reputable website like checkatrade is a reliable source of information.

Verify any qualifications – a commercial electrical contractor will almost certainly have a website which displays their qualifications. It is then easy enough to check with the relevant body that their registration is current and valid. Most of the electrical governing bodies regularly monitor their members to make sure that they are up to speed with current installation legislation and training of their staff.

Consider your requirements – you should accurately and thoroughly work out your particular requirements and look for the company, which provides such services to ensure the best selection.

Talk to them – once you have selected a shortlist, speak to the companies. The best ones will put you in touch directly with an electrician to discuss your solution. You will soon find out if they are talking your language and have your interests at heart or whether they are just after your cash.

Why choose a local commercial electrician?

Choosing a local commercial electrician means that they will be more responsible for the work they carry out as they have a reputation to maintain in the area. Prompt and efficient work ensures timely completions with no r-visits to put things right in future.

South London electricians are THE commercial electricians of choice for South Croydon. We install energy efficient lighting for offices, car parks, warehouses, cold stores and factories; change fuseboards, install high amp three-phase electrical machinery including catering equipment; carry out partial and full rewiring of commercial premises; install switchgear, back-up generators and armoured cabling plus wiring paint spray booths, MoT bays and more.

So give us a call on 07956 523316 without any commitment whatsoever – you will speak directly to an electrician (not a receptionist) who will offer you the best advice based on your electrical requirements there and then.

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