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Imagine …

The end of a great evening out with your friends. Approaching home, feeling mellow, you round the corner into your road. Immediately, you see the emergency services and your heart misses a beat as you realise they are outside your place …

The early hours of the morning, the telephone rings. Cursing the caller, you answer. It is the night shift manager calling you in because one of the workers on the shop floor has been electrocuted …

It doesn’t matter whether you are at home or work, an electrical emergency can happen at any time.

Electrical Safety

ROSPA and the HSE collect and analyse thousands of accident statistics every year. They have discovered that around four thousand deaths and injuries each year are directly related to faulty household electrics.

The charity Electrical Safety First add that about half of the accidental fires in the home are caused by electrical faults. This means that on average, four people die in the UK each day as a result of these fires.

Those figures are bad enough, but become worse when you factor in the industrial and commercial electrical emergencies too.

The sad fact is that many of these deaths and injuries could have been prevented.

Electrical Faults in Mitcham

The key is awareness. Keeping an eye on your electrical system will lower your chances of joining these statistics. You don’t need to be a trained electrician in order to spot developing electrical faults, however, it should always be left to a professional emergency electrician to investigate fully and make the necessary repairs.

Here are South London Electricians top tips for early warning of a developing electrical emergency.

Buzzing or crackling noises from switches, light fittings, sockets and so on are not normal behaviour. If you hear either, you should switch off the electrical supply to that circuit and call in an emergency electrician to your Mitcham property.

Fires require three things to start – fuel, oxygen and heat. There are plenty of combustible materials in a building, often next to electrical wiring or appliances. Electrical faults are often associated with an increase in resistance of the circuit. A higher resistance means that more heat is generated. So, if you notice an applance or other electrical equipment running hotter than normal, it can be a sign there is an electrical fault. Overheating electrical fittings or appliances require urgent repair or replacement. Other signs of overheating electrical systems are smells of hot plastic or a ‘fishy’ smell. Any signs of overheating require the urgent attention of of a Mitcham emergency electrician too.

If a circuit breaker trips, you can easily flick it back on. But if it then trips out again and again, it is a good indication that you have an electrical fault. It’s best not to take any risks, call us, we can be at your CR4 property very quickly to identify the cause of any electrical emergency.

Flickering lights can have many causes, some external to your property. If they continue to regularly flicker or dim, then there is probably a fault in the lighting circuit. Here at South London Electricians, we use the latest diagnostic equipment to find that fault quickly.

Efficient and Trustworthy Mitcham Emergency Electricians

All our work is fully guaranteed and insured. We are registered with leading industry watchdogs and regulatory bodies who continually monitor and assess the quality of our work. All of our electricians carry a wide range of spares so normally, one visit is sufficient to make a repair.

South London Electricians offer you a professional and affordable 24 hour emergency electrician service for Mitcham. Our rates start from a low £65 per hour, well below what many other emergency electricians operating in the CR4 area will charge. Why? Is it because we are sub-standard or cut corners? No, we just don’t feel that it is right to sting you with an unreasonably high charge because you have an electrical emergency.

We have a team of experienced Mitcham emergency electricians who are available to respond to your call at any time of day or night. We are all equipped with the latest test equipment that helps us to pinpoint most developing electrical problems quickly. You benefit from a fast repair at a lower cost as we will be in and out faster than many others.

You can call us on 07956 523316 at ANY HOUR of the day.

We have both domestic and commercial emergency electricians available in the Mitcham (CR4) area and can therefore deal with any emergency electrical problem rapidly – consumer units, 3-phase supplies, lighting issues, faulty wiring.

Electrical Faults we deal with Regularly

  • Consumer units & fuseboard problems
  • Circuit breakers tripping or fuses blowing
  • Restoring 3-phase business and industrial supplies
  • RCD constantly tripping
  • Complete loss of power
  • Faulty wiring in homes, hospitals, schools, offices etc
  • Faulty socket-outlets and power points
  • Faulty lighting
  • Faulty switches & dimmers
  • Faulty extractor fans, cookers and commercial kitchen equipment
  • Breakdowns of industrial machinery e.g. MoT car hoists, production lines etc.


Fast Eco-friendly Emergency Electrician Service

Half of our fleet of vans are electrically powered.

Many seemingly CR4 electricians are actually national electrical contractors advertising for work in your area. Most of them have a receptionist to take calls. They will then pass on your details to an electrician. The electrician will then call you back to discuss your electrical emergency (again). All this costs valuable time.

Here at South London Electricians, you will speak directly to an electrician for Mitcham. Instead of pacing up and down, waiting for a call back, by ringing us, one of our emergency electricians could already be on-site, fixing your problem.

Our emergency electricians are familiar with your area and will know the fastest route to your home or business. That is not always going to be the case with an electrician from a national company who may have to cross London from Watford or Enfield … and that could take some time!

So remember, keep our number handy for whenever you need a commercial or domestic emergency electrician in CR4 (Mitcham):

07956 523316

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