Data Wiring Moves for Small Offices

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Data Wiring and Cabling for Croydon Small Offices

You may well have found this page by searching for “data wiring moves for small offices in Croydon” or perhaps “data cabling in South London“. Whatever your data cable needs in London, you have certainly arrived in the right place! South London Electricians are qualified and experienced data wiring installers for all areas of London – Bromley, Balham, Merton, Streatham, Chelsea, Lewisham and the rest!

Commercial and Industrial Data Cable Installation

In a commercial setting, networking your internal computers is very much a requirement for any business. OK, wireless networking is possible, but it is more secure, fast and reliable to use a data cable network. Files can be shared easily and rapidly across a local area network (LAN). LANs can be combined to give a wider area network (WAN), linking different parts of a large industrial complex. Security systems can be monitored from one central location. Smart heating and lighting systems can be installed, helping your business achieve its environmental targets.

Moving Business Premises?

When moving or updating offices, your data cabling needs careful handling in order to avoid damage. New data wiring needs to be properly installed to ensure its compatiblility with the existing network. Data cables are finer and not as robust than electrical cables. In short, you need an electrician trained in handling data wiring.

Our data cabling technicians are experienced in the installation and moving of all types of data cabling, category 5, 5e and 6 at both low and high levels. We have worked in factories, industrial units, small and large offices and hotels.

So if you are moving from a small office to a larger one or an induftrial unit to a factory – call one of our commercial data cable experts on 07956 523316 – it’s free and with no obligation.

Replacing Commercial and Small Office Data Cables

Commercial data cabling does not last forever. Perhaps you are noticing a few more glitches in your network. The network administrator is needing to solve niggling problems on a daily basis. If this sounds like your business, it is time to consider replacement of the network cables.

One of our highly experienced data wiring experts can visit your premises to chat over your needs and let you have a quote. Call 07956 523316 to find out how we can help your business move forward.

Data Wiring Testing and Fault Finding

In order to keep your office data system running at optimal performance, regular testing and fault finding is needed. South London Electricians have the qualifications, expertise and equipment to check the efficiency of your system. We test, document, find redundant outlets and faults on your current data cabling system anywhere in the South London area – Croydon, Bromley, Bexley, Southwark, Merton, Sutton and the rest.

So for a one-stop data wiring solution, give us a call on 07956 523316 without any commitment whatsoever – remember, you will speak directly to an data cabling expert (not a receptionist) who will offer you the best advice based on your electrical requirements there and then. Quotes are free and without any obligation.

What are the different categories of commercial data cabling in common use in London?

There are two main categories of data wiring, 5 and 6. Category 5 has a second ‘flavour’ – cat. 5e. The ‘e’ stands for ‘enhanced’. Systems using 5e wiring can provide better rates of transfer of data – up to 1 Gig per second. Category 6 wiring is designed to even higher standards and so transmits data at a faster rate. It provides less signal loss hence better quality of the received data.

If you already have a cat. 5 or 5e installation, it is possible to extend it with cat. 6 as the latter is backwards compatible. This won’t improve the cat. 5 sections but will give a better performance within the new section, if installed correctly. Cat. 6 wiring can give massive 10 Gig per second speeds, but this is dependent on the length of the data cable runs. Given the price differential between the two types of cable, it is well worth investing in the better quality of category 6.

So future-proof your business now, call a South London Electricians commercial data cable expert on 07956 523316 – remember, it’s free and with no obligation.

Areas covered:

Our team of experienced and fully qualified data cabling electricians are available to solve your network cabling issues in the south east from Central London to the Home Counties.

South Croydon
Hamsey Green
Thornton Heath

So why delay, to benefit from competitive rates and an efficient customer-centred service, call South London Electricians on 07956 523316 for a no-obligation chat about how your South London business could benefit from our data cabling relocation and installation services.

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