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Why you may need a 24 hour emergency electrician in SE26

Not all properties in Sydenham are new builds! This is as applicable to businesses and public buildings as well as homeowners. That means the electrical wiring and fittings are probably getting a bit long in the tooth. Maybe they were fitted back in the eighties or nineties or in some cases, they could be even older. We have seen SE26 houses with thirties wiring still in use!

The ideal situation is to re-wire but that’s not really an option unless you are doing a major renovation or can shut down your business for a few weeks.

So avoiding an electrical emergency is a case of observation and management.If you are already at a stage where you need an electrician urgently, give us a call on 07956 523316

When to call an emergency electrician to your Sydenham property

Some signs of impending electrical disaster are easy to spot. Others are not. Here are our top tips for Sydenham property owners and managers …

One of the easiest to notice is a ‘fishy’ odour or a smell resembling ammonia. That is the smell of thermoplastic getting too hot. This is often a light fitting or it could be a fault in a switch or socket, so check those first. Left alons, electrical overheating faults can cause fires, however, they are usually very simple for a 24 hour emergency electrician to put right.

Another top clue that you need a qualified and experienced electrician is when an RCD or the main switch on the fuse board keeps tripping. Although easy to spot, finding the problem can be more difficult. A professional Sydenham emergency electrician has the correct equipment and expertise to find the problem quickly.

Flickering lights can indicate problems with the lighting circuit. Before you call an emergency electrician, you can check a couple of things. Firstly, make sure the switch has been thrown properly. Secondly, check the bulb is not loose. Still flickering? Call us on 07956 523316.

Switch off the circuit immediately wf it buzzes or sizzles. The buzzing or sizzling noise is usually caused by ‘arcing’ somewhere in the circuit. Do not hesitate to call a reliable emergency electrician as the small sparks caused by arcing could soon mean that you have to call the Sydenham fire brigade.

It’s not just the circuits that can develop a problem, appliances can develop internal faults. If it is out of guarantee and you don’t want to replace it, get it checked by a professional electrician.

Keep our number handy – 07956 523316 – for those times that you need a reliable 24 hour electrician in SE26.

What Makes a Good 24/7 Emergency Electrician?

First and foremost, experience. You need to find someone who has served their time. An emergency electrician who has a lot of experience will probably have encountered the same problem that you are having many times in the past. They will be able to isolate and repair the issue quickly. A reliable Sydenham electrician should be able to reel off a list of local and fairly local places where they have worked.

Secondly, make sure your Sydenham emergency electrician is not charging silly rates. Many local electricians and national franchises will take advantage of your misfortune and ramp up emergency prices. Here at South London Electricians, we don’t feel that is fair. We therefore charge only our normal rate for emergency callouts.

What Can Emergency Electricians do?

A competent emergency electrician should be able to carry out anything electrical on your Sydenham property. This could include anything from replacing a consumer unit down to checking the internal wiring of a faulty appliance.

Don’t hesitate to call at any time of day or night, your life could literally depend on it. A good emergency electrician knows this and will respond straight away.

Finding Reliable Emergency Electricians in Sydenham

Call 07956 523316 for a no-obligation chat about your electrical emergency needs, you will be speaking directly to one of our trained electricians.

All of our work is carried out to the highest standards and using the best quality materials. We are members of key watchdog organisations. Our 24 hour emergency electricians carry an extensive range of quality components and wiring in their vans and needing a second visit to complete a repair is almost unheard of.

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