LED Low Bay and High Bay Lighting for South London

LED Low Bay and High Bay Lighting uk

LED lighting has many advantages over conventional low bay and high bay lighting:

Power savings of up to 80% with control systems for managing light levels

High quality light that offers better illumination of working areas

Minimal maintenance requirements with a 40 – 80 thousand hour lifetime lamp rating, you may not need to change the LED luminaires for the next ten years!

Operating temperature: -35 to plus 55 Centigrade so they can be used in all applications from cold stores to foundries and busy commercial kitchens.

With a suitable …

Energy Efficient Lighting for South London businesses

 Energy Efficient Lighting for  London businesses

There is a real buzz in business at the present time about energy efficient lighting but exactly what is it, where can it be used, is it worth it and why should you have it installed? These are the questions that we will answer for you in this blog post.

What is energy efficient lighting?

Conventional lighting uses heat to create light meaning that over 90% of the energy is wasted. With new generation energy efficient lighting, LEDs are used and they generate light at the atomic level rather …

Pubs, Cafés and Patio Heaters for South London


The heating of outside spaces for patrons of pubs, cafés and restaurants has become more of a priority over the last few years. The two things that have prompted this are the smoking ban of 2007 and a general drop-off of trade. A pub, café or restaurant that offers diners a modicum of comfort outdoors will have the edge over a more traditional business that works on the ‘Edwina Curry’ principle – i.e. put a thicker sweater on.

Early efforts at outdoor space heating was to use gas patio heaters, however, it wasn’t long before the …

South London Car Park Lighting

 London Car Park Lighting

If you look after a car park in South London, isn’t it time you thought about changing to energy efficient LED lighting? This has many advantages including cost savings and reducing your carbon footprint. The range of available lighting units is vast and can be quite confusing. Your search starts off easily enough but the more you look into the options, the less clear things become.

Contacting South London Electricians can solve your problems about what LED car park lighting to install. Our in-depth knowledge of lighting regulations and the best …

Low Bay LED Lighting for a Greenwich Commercial Kitchen

low bay lighting london

On a recent commercial kitchen upgrade job in Greenwich, the client was in two minds about changing the lighting as well as upgrading the cables on the ring main and other circuits. Currently fitted was ageing fluorescent lighting but we suggested changing to low bay IP65 rated LED luminaires.

Advantages of LED low bay lighting for commercial kitchens

1. Cost savings.

Although the initial cost is higher than with conventional lighting solutions, over the lifetime of the LED low bay lighting unit, a huge amount of money can be saved. This …

Commercial Kitchen Electrics in Croydon –


 Commercial Kitchen Electrics in Croydon – Voltage Optimisers

If we said that we could reduce your electricity bill by ten percent or more literally overnight, how would that make you feel. Interested? Excited? Sceptical? Probably all three, but it’s true. Those sort of energy savings are easily possible. The solution is that we can fit a voltage optimiser to your single phase or three phase supply.

What is a voltage optimiser?

In the simplest of terms, a voltage optimiser is a device that reduces the incoming voltage. In reality, it is a lot more complex …

LED Warehouse High Bay Lighting for South London


As a warehouse manager, you will no doubt be aware of the problems of lighting the warehouse adequately, especially for the night shift and throughout the dark winter months. Low bay lighting is easy – a few fluorescent tubes and you are sorted. Swapping failed lamps is easy enough, one of the maintenance crew with a step ladder is fine. But when it comes to high bay lighting, that’s another story altogether.

Traditional HID Warehouse Lighting

High bay lighting is usually between 20 and 40 feet from the warehouse floor so it needs to be very bright …

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