Three Phase Work in Forest Hill and Single Phase Repairs in Kent


Five Furniture was established around 20 years ago and moved to their Forest Hill workshops 4 years back. They design and build bespoke pieces for both domestic and commercial clients and as such, they use a lot of serious woodworking equipment – CNC laser cutters, bench saws and edging machines. These all have high power three phase motors on a 100 amp supply.

We were called in when their MK three phase commando sockets had blown and they had been badly let down by another commercial electrical contractor. Idle machines meant a halt to production and potential delays to delivery.

We are experienced commercial electricians who appreciate that down time costs money so we wasted no time in getting over. We are used to working with big three phase supplies and it didn’t take us long to install the new commandos. The important thing is to make sure that the phase rotation is correct otherwise the machines turn backwards, with disastrous consequences.

Another company who were pleased to have contacted us for commercial electrical work was Kingsdown Water in Kent. Kingsdown bottle natural spring water from the chalk hills of the North Downs which they ship out the same day to top London hotels and restaurants on a high volume basis.

Needless to say, they have to have a slick loading operation to get the fleet of lorries out on the road in time to complete their deliveries. So when the 32 amp single phase supply failed, they found themselves with a potential problem – they had no way of charging the fork lift trucks. So we responded in out usual way and arrived on site soon after we received the call for help. It didn’t take us long to restore the power. Chatting with the warehouse manager, the conversation turned to lighting so naturally, we mentioned the various benefits of LED high bay units. Because of the fast and efficient service we gave on the fork truck supply, we were duly commissioned to change their high bay lighting as well.

If you require commercial electricians in London to replace your commando sockets and plugs or to carry out any other single phase or three phase work, contact South London Electricians on 07956 523316 to find out how you can benefit from our expertise and experience.

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