Changing to LED Lighting – Operational Benefits


For most south London businesses, the carrot of financial savings is the driving force behind changing outdated conventional warehouse, factory, commercial and retail lighting. In this second part of our insider’s guide to modern lighting for south London businesses, we look at operational benefits.

With your existing HID high bay and low bay lighting, the life expectancy of a bulb is just 2 years. In practical terms, it is actually less as some types of HID bulbs lose up to 70% of their brightness well before that. High bay lighting bulb changing is always difficult, you either need to engage a specialist London electrician to do the job or else hire lifting equipment. The whole process can be quite disruptive so the less often you need to change bulbs, the better it is for your business. LED lighting, whether it is high bay or low bay has an expected lifespan of as much as 10 years which means less disruption. LEDs, like HID bulbs, do dim with time, however, the control chips within the units controls the output, ensuring an even level of lighting throughout the expected lifetime.

One of the simplest ways to improve staff working conditions is to improve the lighting. LED lighting can be obtained tuned to different wavelengths of light and can mimic daylight. Thus LED luminaires will give staff better lighting – gloomy lighting means gloomy and unproductive staff with the knock-on effect of diminishing productivity and therefore profits. The quality of light can be tailored exactly to the needs of the job – for example, white daylight for inspection areas.

LED lighting can address Health and Safety issues, ensuring that CIBSE lighting level guidelines are met and improving light levels in dangerous working areas thereby protecting your business against lost working hours and liability.

LED lighting re-strike times are seconds, not the 6 – 10 minutes of HID lighting. This means that lighting can be dimmed and will respond immediately to the presence of people in the room or work area.

Finally, manufacturers are gradually phasing out the old light bulbs which will inevitably lead to higher prices and supply problems so it makes sense to upgrade to LED lighting now, before the real problems start.

So when you are ready to increase profitability of your Bromley factory, your south Croydon warehouse or Lambeth garden centre, call South London Electricians on 020 3199 8248 to find out how our LED lighting service can save you thousands of pounds.

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