LED Lighting for South London Warehouses


As a warehouse manager, we understand just how critical it is to get the lighting right. Your staff are the biggest investment and your greatest asset so it is crucial to light your warehouse in a way that will benefit them. With proper lighting, you create a better working environment. With lighting that is too dim, it can be a struggle for pickers to read the labels and mistakes are made. Working in gloomy, badly lit locations is also depressing and that has a negative effect on productivity.

We are often called out to change high wattage high bay and low bay lamps in warehouses and the vast majority we see are still fitted with old style metal halide, sodium and mercury lighting.

But why? Over the course of the year these lamps waste thousands of pounds of your money. They rely on heat to produce the light, most of which is simply lost through the roof of your warehouse.

What is the alternative?

LED warehouse lighting. Ahh, I see you throwing your hands up in despair! Yes, there will be an initial investment but you will see immediate reductions in your lighting bill of up to 80%. Most warehouses we have fitted with full LED low bay and high bay systems find that the investment is paid back in as little as two years. From then on, it is all savings! Also, it is possible that you may be eligible for a grant or low interest loan.

LED warehouse lighting means low maintenance

Other than saving money on your electricity bill, you will save money on lighting maintenance. Old fashioned systems need the bulbs to be changed every couple of years as they become dimmer and even fail. This is no joke, particularly with high bay units as you need to get staff safely up to heights of several metres to make the change. LED units are designed to last for up to 10 years and have built in controls to ensure that the light output does not drop-off over the lifetime of the luminaire. So you do the maths – change every 2 years or every 10 years – which is more economical?

LED lighting for the food industry

Food regulations stipulate that lighting in a food storage facility must be mercury free and there must be no chance that material from any breakages of lighting units can enter the food. With LED lighting, that is easy to comply with – LED lights contain no mercury and are generally all metal and plastic, so little or no chance of breakage.

Frozen food cold stores in south London or wherever all face a particular problem – conventional lighting generates a lot of heat. This heat puts a greater loading on the refrigeration system and so wastes money twice over. Firstly, as we have explained, the majority of the output of conventional lighting is heat, not light and secondly, the refrigeration system is working a little harder therefore it will take more energy to keep temperatures down.

LED lighting changes electricity directly to light and, although heat is generated, it is nowhere near the amount which is generated by old fashioned lighting. LED units work perfectly well down to -40C and so are the perfect solution if you manage a cold store in Bromley, Lewisham, Croydon or elsewhere in south London.

So when you have made up your mind, give us a call on 020 3199 8930 to see how we can save your warehouse or cold store thousands of pounds over the coming years.

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