Why Every South London Business Should Change to Energy Efficient LED lighting


According to the Energy Saving Fact Sheet issued by the Carbon Trust, up to 40% of your company’s total electricity bill is accounted for by your lighting. LED lighting uses a fraction of the electricity of conventional lighting solutions and, when used with a control system, it is possible to reduce your lighting bill by more than 80% – a powerful reason indeed for changing your south London factory, warehouse, leisure centre, retail unit or garden centre lighting to LEDs.

Cost savings on your electricity bill are not the only benefits

LED lighting is made to give a brighter whiter light than conventional lighting such as metal halide HID’s. This gives better illumination of the work space and a better working environment. Providing your staff with a more pleasant working environment is known to improve their motivation and their productivity.

Future-proof your business

Upgrading to LED lighting also helps to future-proof your business against rising electricity costs and tougher environmental regulations including the Climate Change Levy. For businesses where sustainability is a key factor, changing your outdated lighting provides a visual demonstration of your commitment to this important principle. It will also add strength to any bids you make for low or zero interest environmental related loans.

Changing to LED systems also enables you to reduce your operational costs – LED lighting units have four to five times the life expectancy of conventional lighting. This means that you will benefit from lower maintenance costs and will not need to buy and store replacement HID bulbs.

How to avoid wasting your cash

Conventional HID lighting relies on the conversion of electricity to heat to provide the light which is what makes it incredibly inefficient. The heat is wasted, so is your money. In temperature sensitive applications such as cold rooms or other areas requiring careful control of temperature such as archives, the waste heat can be a positive nuisance. It increases the loading on air conditioning which also wastes cash and can shorten the life of the system. LED luminaires and lighting produce far less heat than conventional lighting, reducing this wastage.

Food-safe lighting

The food industry is subject to tight regulations, two of which concern glass and mercury. Unlike most outdated high and low bay lighting, LED lighting does not involve glass or mercury in the manufacturing process – LEDs can therefore be safely be used in food processing areas.

So when you are ready to bring your business into the 21st century, call South London Electricians on 020 3199 8248 to find out how our LED lighting service can save you thousands of pounds.

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