Environmental Reasons for Upgrading Your South London Business to LED lighting


2014 saw the implementation of the ESOS regulations by the UK government. ESOS is the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme that is run by the Environment Agency that is designed to move British business towards a lower carbon footprint. If your business is comes under the umbrella of being a ‘Large Undertaking’ as defined in the regulations, you will need to carry out an energy use audit by the end of 2015 and once every 4 years after that.

But even if you don’t qualify as a ‘Large Undertaking’ you can still do your bit – after all, reducing the carbon footprint of your business could save money and be used for marketing purposes. One of the simplest ways that most businesses can do this is to upgrade outdated conventional lighting to LED lighting.

In previous blog posts we have looked at financial and operational benefits to your business in Lambeth, Southwark or wherever, here we explore how you can polish up your environmental halo by switching to LED lighting.

– It is possible that conventional lighting in a large warehouse, cold store, industrial, commercial or retail building is responsible for the vast bulk of the electricity usage and therefore carbon emissions of your South London business. By installing energy efficient LED lighting units, it is possible to save up to 80% of electricity usage.
– Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a current buzz phrase and LED lighting is a very visual way of demonstrating your carbon reduction strategy to supply chains and clients.
– Every time a conventional light bulb is changed it creates waste, in many cases the waste is toxic, contaminated by mercury. New energy efficient, LED lamps and lighting units require much less frequent replacement, lasting up to 5 times longer thus producing less waste. This makes it easier for your business to comply with ever tighter environmental regulations (e.g. the WEEE initiative). Additionally, fewer resources will be required to manufacture the LED business lighting units.
– For any business looking for a quick ROI (Return on Investment), the installation of energy efficient LED lighting is a good first step to take as part of a wider sustainability initiative or environmental strategy for your business.
– The Carbon Trust has a variety of initiatives that can enable you to reduce or avoid an initial capital outlay, which is the usual excuse that South London Businesses make for keeping their outdated lighting systems. Your budgets can thus be protected for other areas in the business, eliminating what is usually the biggest barrier for capital investment projects.

So why delay, it makes sound financial, operational and environmental sense for any business in South London to change to energy efficient lighting – call South London Electricians on

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