Carbon Free Call Outs for South London

Electric vehicles are not new, in the early 1900’s, Ferdinand Porsche produced the world’s first electrically driven vehicle and also the world’s first hybrid too. But petrol and then diesel powered vehicles caught on and electric vehicles slipped into the background other than the iconic milk float. It was only at the opposite end of the century, with greenhouse gas emissions increasing rapidly, that the electric vehicle has resurfaced as a serious contender in the market.
But what are we, commercial electricians, doing talking about the history of the motor industry?
Simple, as electricians, we have always …

Industrial and Commercial Switchgear Safety

Professional installation of switchgear in London

When switchgear is installed, it needs regular checking and maintenance to ensure that it remains safe and working properly. We have encountered many situations where switchgear has been fitted in an industrial unit years ago and hardly looked at since. Changes to the network that feeds it such as an increase in the infeed capacity or changes to the systems fed from the switchgear can all contribute to over-stressing. Switchgear is over-stressed when the potential fault energy could exceed the fault rating.
Dangers of over-stressed switchgear
The …

Single and Three Phase Switchgear for London Industrial Units

Switchgear is a background items that is often overlooked in the maintenance of an industrial unit. In our experience, it just stands there against a wall, collecting dirt and dust with never a thought of any deterioration that might be happening inside the casing.
ABL Redhill
One of our recent jobs was for a major car insurance repairer for the south east – ABL at Redhill who inherited the problems of years of neglect of not just their three-phase electrical switchgear but the rest of the electrics too.
They had moved into a commercial unit in which the …

Redhill Commercial Units – Major Upgrade of the Electrics

With more and more vehicles on the roads, an increase in accidental damage is inevitable. Happily, it is the insurers who pick up the tab in most cases, very often through companies like ABL at Redhill, one of our recent clients.
Since they are a major independent SE insurance car repairer who provide top quality work backed up by an excellent customer service, their workshops are always busy. Any failure of the electrical system would be a costly disaster, with a large number of highly trained, well qualified and skilled tradesmen with their hands in their pockets plus disappointed and …

Three Phase Work in Forest Hill and Single Phase Repairs in Kent

Five Furniture was established around 20 years ago and moved to their Forest Hill workshops 4 years back. They design and build bespoke pieces for both domestic and commercial clients and as such, they use a lot of serious woodworking equipment – CNC laser cutters, bench saws and edging machines. These all have high power three phase motors on a 100 amp supply.
We were called in when their MK three phase commando sockets had blown and they had been badly let down by another commercial electrical contractor. Idle machines meant a halt to production and potential delays to delivery.
We …

Holborn Lights and Wiring Refurbishment

Energy Efficient Lighting at Lincoln’s Inn

We recently had a job north of the Thames – venturing into Holborn to carry out some work for the Barristers of Radcliffe Chambers at Lincoln’s Inn. The chambers are situated in the New Square, which is actually quite old and dates back to the end of the 17th century though work was also done on the buildings during the middle of the 19th century. Outside, Lincoln’s Inn Fields is pleasantly set out and is undoubtedly a great space for the barristers to think about their upcoming cases!

A number …

The Best Lighting for South London Cold Stores

If you run a cold store in South London, you may well be looking at ways in which to save money to make your business more profitable. But did you know that simply changing to LED lighting could improve your finances directly and indirectly?

What is LED lighting?

An LED (Light Emitting Diode) is an electrical component that produces light when an electrical current passes through it. Unlike conventional lighting which converts the electricity into heat to produce light, the electricity is converted directly into light. This means that it is more efficient and you get a lot …

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