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Garden Lighting for Streatham, Balham, Herne Hill

Thanks to several TV programmes, we now see our gardens as ‘outdoor rooms’ rather than somewhere to grow a few flowers, fruit and veg. They have become spaces for outdoor summer living and entertaining visitors. Not so many years ago, turning on the downstairs house lights was most people’s way of lighting the garden after dark or maybe an outside lamp or floodlight fixed to the wall. And to get around the garden without falling over the cat or ending up in the rose bed, a torch was essential!

Walk round any garden centre and you will now find a whole range of lighting for the garden, some of it solar powered, some running off 12 volt supplies and some designed to be wired into the mains. You may be tempted by solar garden lighting, it’s OK for a bit of decoration in the shrubbery or amongst the bedding plants but not really a good choice for practical lighting solutions.

Garden Lighting Problems and Solutions

One of the issues with early garden lighting systems was the voltage drop. This occurs in all lighting cables and depends on the length of cable and the power and number of lights attached to the cable. Halogen lamps for garden lighting normally range from 20 watts to 50 watts so this meant that you could not have the lighting too far from the house. As well as shorter cable runs, thicker and therefore considerably more expensive cables were needed for longer runs.

That all changed with the introduction of LED lighting as LED garden lights consume much less power for the amount of light they produce. There is still the voltage drop, however, it is much less limiting that before and there is less need for the heavy cables of early systems.

Many systems that you can buy from your local Streatham garden centre or Balham DIY store are 12V and have a ‘plug-in’transformer so that you can set them out yourself. But these have severe limitations, you need to plug them into a socket for a start. This means either having a door or window open or using a properly installed outdoor socket. Unless you are lucky enough to have an outdoor socket already installed, it will be subject to Part P of building regs. You are also limited to where you can place the garden lighting, the LED lamps are separated by fixed lengths of cable determined by the manufacturer.

Custom Garden Lighting South London

So to get the exact effect you want, it is best to have a custom built system. That’s where we come in. We listen and discuss your requirements then install your quality garden lighting system professionally, exactly as you require.

Obviously we believe that we are the perfect electrical contractor for your job! Our south London based team of domestic electricians have more years of experience than they care to think about!

But why choose South London Electricians to work for you?

We are members of Trustmark and Checkatrade.

TrustMark is a government incentive to help consumers find reputable tradespeople to carry out repair, maintenance and improvement work in their homes or gardens. TrustMark members are deemed to be not only technically competent but also carry out business ethically and deliver a fair job at a fair price with no hidden costs. Trustmark members must insure their work, giving you the peace of mind that your job will be completed conscientiously, and in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, we are responsible for putting it right.

Checkatrade runs strict background checks on tradespeople before they can become members. Once they join, members agree to have feedback from their customers put online for all to see.

We get a lot of work by word of mouth and many of our clients use our electrical services time and time again. Often, homeowners find that electrical contractors will not take on the small jobs like adding a new socket to a kitchen or fitting extra lights in a room. This leaves you with no option than to use a handyman which could leave you with uncertified and unguaranteed work. We are happy to take on any home electrical task rather so you benefit from fully certified and guaranteed work.

When you contact us, you will talk directly to an electrician, not a receptionist, meaning that there is no annoying delay, waiting for a call back and we can arrange for a personal visit to your Croydon property with your first call.

  • Safe – all work is certified (conforms to Part P of BS7671) so you don’t need to call in the buildings inspector or sort out the certificate yourself
  • Experienced – we have worked on over 3,000 homes since we began in the early 90s and we always have a solution for your electrical problems, no matter the age or style of your home
  • Well prepared – we carry a large range of electrical spares on our vans (did you know that half of our vehicles are electrically powered?), so we won’t be caught out a
  • Reliable – see our reviews on and Check-a-trade
  • Efficient – our team of qualified electricians will make sure there is as little disruption as possible when work is carried out and we are noted for how clean we leave a site when we leave

And if you need a local emergency electrician, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So give us a call on 07956 523316 without any commitment whatsoever – remember, you will speak directly to an electrician (not a receptionist) who will offer you the best advice based on your electrical requirements there and then. We cover all areas of South London, not just Streatham, Balham and Herne Hill.

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