Commercial Electricians in Dulwich

Finding the right commercial electrician for your Dulwich business should be a breeze – go to the internet, search for ‘commercial electricians in Dulwich’ or ‘three phase electricians Dulwich’ etc. and click on the first link. Give them a call. Job done.

You may get lucky and find the best electricians in your area but just as likely, you could land yourself with a headache. Anyone can say anything ‘on paper’ – they can install three-phase switchgear; they can fit the most appropriate energy saving lighting for your office; they will supply and install kitchen equipment in your hotel in Dulwich …

Commercial Electricians in South Lambeth

Looking for a commercial electrician to install three phase garage equipment? Need a competent electrical contractor to upgrade your South Lambeth office lighting? Are you a restaurant owner who wants professionally installed kitchen equipment?

Finding a competent and reliable South Lambeth commercial electrical contractor isn’t exactly like looking for a needle in a haystack as there is a good choice, however, we appreciate that finding someone that you can trust with your industrial or commecial electrical project is not straightforward.

Trust is the key.

Over the years,poor and dangerous installations have made people wary. Commercial electrics require specialist …

Commercial Electricians in Purley

Experienced and qualified Purley commercial electricians

Whether you are a metal processing company, photographer, osteopath or beauty salon, at some point you will probably need to find a local commercial electrician to carry out an upgrade to your fuseboard or do some rewiring.
Your electricity bill is probably one of your major regular expenses and by chatting with an electrician, you can get an idea of how you can reduce those costs by:

installing energy efficient LED lighting in your waiting room, office or treatment room
upgrading to three-phase kitchen equipment or engineering machinery
changing …

Commercial Electricians in South Croydon

Reputable experienced commercial electricians

Looking for a reputable commercial electrician for your South Croydon business? Not all commercial electricians are equal, there are companies out there who will claim to be fully qualified to work on all commercial and industrial systems, however, some will soon falter when confronted with three-phase installations, particularly high current supplies. This is probably not their fault, it is often just a lack of experience.
However, incorrectly finished electrical jobs are a disaster waiting to happen! Financially, it is a waste of money having the work put right …

Commercial Kitchen Electricians in Balham

We are experienced commercial electricians for Balham and have installed many professional kitchens in the borough for pubs, restaurants, hotels and other catering related businesses. Sometimes we have installed just part of the kitchen like the cooker or a bratt pan; other times it has been rewiring or adding extra sockets for the portable commercial kitchen appliances. We have many years experience of three phase and single phase installations and are qualified to work on both.

Balham commercial oven tripping constantly

One of our recent jobs was a call out to a newly re-fitted commercial kitchen in …

Commercial Electricians in Forest Hill

The week before last we had a call out from a landlord in Forest Hill who was renting out a 3 bedroom flat to students. He needed a Forest Hill commercial electrician because the power had gone off. There is nothing particularly unusual about that, we get similar call outs each month.

But what makes this a blog-worthy incident is what we found when we arrived. As electricians in Forest Hill, we see all manner of electrical mistakes, from bodged DIY jobs to overloading circuits with appliances. This incident serves as a warning to all landlords in South London …

Finding a Good Electrician in South Croydon

Do you need to find a good commercial electrician in South Croydon? Or are you searching for a South Croydon electrician who could wire your extension? Given the bad press that good tradespeople get because of a few cowboys, you are probably feeling a little wary.
There are some ways of finding an electrician that are better than others, in this post, you will find my insider’s guide to choosing your South Croydon electrician. Should you need other trades, the process is essentially the same.

Don’t reach for the Yellow Pages

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