Finding Trustworthy and Reliable Emergency Electricians for Dulwich (SE21)

Image: fuse box replaced by an emergency electrician.

Dulwich Electrical Safety Tips

According to the the charity Electrical Safety First, electricity is responsible for just over half of the accidental domestic fires in the UK. Of those fires, some are caused by misuse of electricity and electrical appliances, whilst others are caused by electrical faults either in circuits or appliances.

Many start in white goods and other appliances in the kitchen. Others start where sockets are overloaded, leading to severe overheating, in faulty light fittings, faulty switches or ancient consumer units that are not fitted with RCB’s.

How to Avoid Becoming an Electrical Accident Statistic in Dulwich (SE21 postcode)

The simplest way of reducing your chances of joining these grim statistics is to make sure that your electrical installation is in tip-top condition. You can do this in two ways. Firstly, calling in South London Electricians to carry out a safety inspection and secondly, learning how to recognise the symptoms of faults needing the early intervention of an emergency electrician.

You may be reluctant to spend your cash on an inspection, however, it could save lives further down the road. Consider it as being an electrical MoT for your home. It is recommended that home electrical systemns in Dulwich are inspected once every ten years. We also strongly suggest that when you move home, you get a housebuyer’s electrical report for the property you are buying.

Spotting a possible electrical fault early and calling in a qualified electrician to track it down and put it right, saves lives and potentially a load of future hassle and expense.

If you are a business owner, you have no choice in the matter – businesses are legally responsible for the safety of their employees and visitors. The law demands regular testing of all electrical appliances and installations at their premises. Buldings with public spaces are subject to even more stringent regulations.

Fires require heat to start. So if you notice an appliance or other electrical equipment running hotter than normal, it requires an urgent intervention. Overheating is a usual sign that there is an electrical fault. Smells of hot plastic or the characteristic ‘fishy’ smell of certain types of overheated insulation also require the urgent attention of of a Dulwich emergency electrician too.

Fires also require fuel, so if you store flammable materials near electrical appliances or near the fuseboard, move them as soon as you have finished reading this advice. Never use a portable electrical heater close to combustible materials and turn them off when not in use. Always ensure that heaters, including night storage heaters, are not covered. This restricts the flow of air and causes them to overheat and potentially burst into flames.

If the office kettle or your cooker at your home in Dulwich trips the circuit breaker at the fuse board every time it is used, that too is a good indication that you need an electrician. They will check to see if you need to replace the appliance or if you require emergency electrical work on the wiring. Why take the risk? For the cost of an emergency call out, you could be saving lives.

Finally, when plugging in an appliance, if the cable or plug is damaged, don’t do it! Get it repaired, preferably by a professional qualified emergency electrician.

Efficient and Trustworthy Dulwich Emergency Electricians

South London Electricians provide you with a professional and affordable 24 hour emergency service. Our experienced emergency electricians are available to respond to your call at any time of day and night. We are all equipped with the latest electrical test equipment that helps us to pinpoint most developing electrical problems in your Dulwich SE21 home quickly. You benefit from a fast repair at a lower cost as we will be in and out faster than many others as you speak directly to an emergency electrician, not an answering machine, not a secretary.

You can call us on 07956 523316 at ANY HOUR of the day.

We have fully qualified and time-served domestic and commercial emergency electricians available in the Dulwich (SE21) area and can deal with any emergency electrical problem rapidly – consumer units, industrial and commercial three-phase supplies, lighting issues, faulty wiring.

For your peace of mind, we are registered with all the leading industry and regulatory bodies who continually monitor and assess the quality of the work we carry out. All of our electricians carry a wide range of spares in their vans, so normally one visit is sufficient to make a repair.

Tips for Choosing an Emergency Electrician for Dulwich (SE21)

You will probably find a lot of emergency electrical contractors for Dulwich. The problem is then to decide which one to call, but have little time to do a load of research. Look closely at their advert or website, see what professional bodies they are registered with. Avoid any that don’t give that information visibly as it will take a while to dig around to find it. That will give you a quick shortlist.

Next look at where they are based. Careful here, there are some national electricians who make it look like they are local to your area. They will probably just have a contact or two in London, not necessarily in or close to Dulwich. These are best avoided.

There are two reasons for this. Firstly, they will usually have a receptionist or answering machine to take the call, so you have to wait for an electrician to call you back. Then you will probably have to describe the problem all over again. All this wastes crucial time.

Secondly, a local emergency electrician will be familiar with the area and will know the speediest route to your home or business. That is not always going to be the case with an electrician from a national company who will probably have to cross London from Watford or Enfield … and that could take some time!

Here at South London Electricians, you will speak directly to an electrician for your area. By the time the national company calls back, one of our emergency electricians could already be on-site, fixing your problem day or night.

So remember, keep our number handy for whenever you need a commercial or domestic emergency electrician in SE21:

07956 523316

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