5 Simple Signs That You May Soon Need an Emergency Electrician for Your Shirley (Croydon) Home …

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Electrical faults, according to Electrical Safety First, cause thousands of electrical fires in homes each year. If you remain vigilant and are aware of these 5 early warning signs, you can avoid becoming one of the statistics.

1. Buzzing or sizzling noises from switches, outlets and fittings. When an electrical system is working properly, electricity is silent. When the smooth flow of electricity is interrupted, it produces a buzzing or sizzling noise. This noise can indicate there is a frayed wire or loose connection. The higher resistance causes more heat which could start an electrical fire. Call an emergency electrician out to your Shirley home sooner rather than later.

2. Even worse than buzzing electrics are fixtures and fittings that spark when you use them. If the electricity can jump around as a spark, it could jump to anyone using the fixture or fitting. Sparks are also white hot … nuff said, call in your local Croydon emergency electrician.

3. Dimming or flickering lighting. This can be caused in several ways. If your lights dim when you switch on a high-power appliance, it could indicate that the system is being overloaded. You probably don’t need to call out an emergency electrician for that, however, you should get it looked at by a professional qualified electrician as you may need to make changes to your wiring. Flickering lights, on the other hand, could indicate a more immediate problem. If the cause is a loose or poor connection somewhere in the circuit, that can create the voltage fluctuations you see as a flickering light. This has the potential to overheat and cause a fire, so if your lights flicker for no apparent reason, you should call out your local emergency electrician.

4. A smell coming from a brand new electrical appliance is not particularly unusual. A smell coming from your home electrical fixtures and fittings is not so common and is usually an indication of overheating. This is not good as it will damage electrical wiring insulation and could ultimately lead to a house fire or electric shock. Any electrical system smells should be looked by a qualified emergency electrician without delay.

5. When all is well, your switches and sockets will not feel hot when in use. It is possible that a socket or switch may feel slightly warm after prolonged use, if it is noticeably warmer than usual or hot to the touch, it could be overloaded or faulty. If they return to a normal temperature when switched off or being unplugged, no problem, you won’t need to call a Shirley emergency electrician, but if it happens again, you should get a professional to investigate. If they remain hot, you need that electrician right away.

As well as these 5 signs, if one or more circuit breakers trip regularly, that needs investigating too.

Who are the Best Local Emergency Electricians for Shirley

An emergency electrician from South London Electricians could be at your Shirley (Croydon CR0) electrical emergency in minutes. Armed with state of the art diagnostic equipment, they will find the cause quickly and without fuss. All of our team are local to south London and know the best short-cuts that will get them to your Shirley home a little bit faster.

We aim to repair electrical faults on a ‘one visit’ principle – our electricians all carry an extensive range of spares and cables in their vans to make this possible. Half of our vans are electrically powered, so if your electrical fault becomes apparent in the small hours, our arrival is unlikely to disturb your neighbours! We are well known for the neatness of our work and how thoroughly we clean up after or intervention. Just take a look at the comments on Checkatrade, you will soon see what we mean.

Experienced, Professional and Qualified

All our emergency electricians have many years of experience and are well-qualified to solve your problem at anytime of day or night, on any day of the year. When you call, you will reach an electrician straight away, not a receptionist, not a call centre. You benefit from only needing to describe your electrical fault once and less time waiting for the emergency electrician to arrive.

Efficient and trustworthy Emergency Electricians for Shirley

Not only are we registered with Checkatrade, but also NICEIC who constantly monitor our work standards. This means that you know exactly what you will get – fixed rates with no hidden costs, an electrician who is respectful of your Shirley property, fully qualified, trustworthy and a rapid service. All of our work is guaranteed and we are fully insured. You benefit from peace of mind that your electrical emergency is not being dealt with by a ‘cowboy’ outfit.

For a professional and affordable 24 hour emergency service, keep our contact number handy:

07956 523316

We have both domestic and commercial emergency electricians available in all areas of south London, not just the Shirley (CR0) area, and can therefore quickly resolve any emergency electrical problem – consumer units, 3-phase supplies, lighting issues, faulty wiring and more.

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