Energy Saving Lighting for Factories in South London


Are your electricity costs rising? Would you like to know how to slash your lighting bills by up to 80%? Then what you need to do is to contact South London Electricians for a no-obligation chat about LED lighting for your south London factory.

Conventional factory lighting wastes energy

Conventional factory lighting usually consists of high bay fittings with sodium (SON) lighting, mercury lights or metal halide units. These are usually rated from between 150 to 400 watts and generate their light by converting the electricity into heat. The heat is wasted as it simply rises to the factory ceiling so vital company money is also being wasted.

These type of lights also have a short life span, 2 years maximum so you then need to hire equipment or call in a suitably equipped company to replace them. This can be quite disruptive to your business as well as taking up your valuable time organising dates and times.

Conventional factory lighting takes time to ‘warm up’ when it is switched on meaning that even during periods of low activity, all of the lights need to remain fully on. Nor are they dimmable meaning that money is wasted.

Reluctant to change to LED factory lighting?

One of the objections to changing to LED lighting is the initial outlay. There is a misconception that your cabling and fittings will need to be changed. That might indeed be the case if it is inspected and found to be faulty, however, South London Electricians can supply and fit LED luminaires that are direct replacements for your existing systems without the need to replace all of the wiring and fittings.

With LED lighting, lights can be switched off and on as needed since the response is effectively instantaneous. For example, in a loading area during the hours when no raw materials are coming in or products moving out, if you have LED factory lighting, it can be switched on and off at will, or even just dimmed. With your current expensive lights, the area must remain illuminated in between loading and unloading periods. Smart control systems can be installed to fire up the lights when there is activity in the area or alternatively they can be operated manually.

But the main advantage is cost saving. Operational costs can be reduced significantly and savings can mean that the cost of replacing your high bay and low bay lights with LED luminaires is recouped in as little as two years. Further savings are made as LED units are guaranteed for 5 years with an expected lifetime of up to 10 years. That beats the once every two years replacement cycle of conventional factory lighting.

Perfect lighting for food processing plants

Food regulations are extensive and prescriptive and even include your lighting. LED luminaires do not have any mercury, nor is mercury used in their manufacture. They are made with tough plastic covers so there is neither glass nor mercury to get into your production line should there be a breakage.

So when you have made up your mind, give us a call on 020 3199 8930 to see how we can save your factory in South London thousands of pounds over the coming years.

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