South London Electricians

Switch Fuse Installation, Repair and Replacement

Image: switchgear and switch fuse.

High Quality Reliable Switchgear, Switch Fuse and Sub-Mains

Are you searching for high-quality, durable switchgear components and switch fuse in South London? Do you need robust and reliable products to ensure your day-to-day operations are uninterrupted and hassle-free?

South London Electricians supply switchgear and switch fuse solutions and electrical systems throughout London, our home patch is Croydon, Bromley and Sutton. We source and supply the best switching components from the most trusted names in the industry. You benefit from highly reliable electrical systems that provide you with a robust […]

Emergency Electricians for Balham (SW12)

Image: Balham SW12 emergency electrician fixing a commercial electrical installation.

Electrical Safety

During the course of one year, someone is killed directly by electricity either in the home or at work (according to RoSPA and the HSE figures) every four days or so. Whilst that is a small number compared with the total number of deaths each year, many more are killed indirectly.

According to the charity Electrical Safety First, about half of the accidental fires in the home are caused by electricity. Of those fires, around forty percent were caused by electrical faults. That works out at about about 16 per day. Of these fires, about 25 […]

Emergency Electricians for Crystal Palace (SE19, SE20, SE26)

Image: Barnes, Crystal Palace, Brixton emergency electrician.

Need an Emergency Electrical repair in SE19, SE20, SE26?

Crystal Palace was named, in 2016, as being one of the best places in London to live. But living there doesn’t give you immunity from electrical issues! An electrical fault can appear in your system at any time. Sometimes you will get a warning like flickering lights, but more often than not, you don’t.

In some cases, your consumer unit circuit breakers will suddenly trip and refuse to reset, leaving you with some or all of your circuits off. In other cases, you may notice an unpleasant […]

Electricians in Streatham, Emergency electrical repairs SW16

Image: emergency electrician on a 24 hour call out in Pollards Hill, London.

Need an Emergency Electrician in SW16?

It’s no fun sitting in the dark, boiling water for a cuppa in a pan on the camping stove because your fuse board has tripped out and won’t reset. Or maybe you have turned the power to your Streatham home off because of an electrical burning smell. Getting a reliable and fast emergency electrician in Streatham to answer your call, and then to come straight out to you, has never been an easy task. Often the call will go to an answerphone and will not be picked up […]

Purley Emergency Electrician

Image: Purley emergency electrician diagnosing a fault

Purley Emergency Electrician

The timing of electrical emergencies is governed by ‘Sod’s Law’. In other words, they will appear at exactly the wrong moment! They can sometimes be quite worrying – smoke from a fusebox or burning smells from a lamp fitting or electrical socket for example. At times like that, you need a reliable and trustworthy emergency electrician on your doorstep in Purley.

Urgent response 24 hour service

Lucky you! South London Electricians cover the whole of London, but are based south of the river meaning that an emergency electrician can be at […]

Electric Oven Installer, Croydon and Other Areas

Professionally installed electric hob and oven.

Can’t wait to fire up your shiny new single oven from Currys? Preparing for the arrival of your double oven or electric hob from the Internet? Either way, it is advisable to get a local, qualified and experienced electrician to carry out the installation.

If you ask the question ‘How can I install a cooker myself’ using a search engine, you will find loads of conflicting advice. Some say that if you can fit a 13A plug, you can do it yourself, whilst at the other extreme you have those who tell you that you are bound to die […]

Ryefield Distribution Boards

The name of the Ryefield board is sometimes used in the same way as Biro and Hoover. In other words, a brand name is used as a description of the item. Ryefield is a manufacturer of electrical distribution boards and, as the market leader, so the term ‘ryefield board’ is used at times to describe any distribution board.

What is a Ryefield Distribution Board?

In short, it is a sturdily built, lockable and sealable system that is used to distribute a three phase or single phase electrical supply to several locations. It is normally used to distribute electricity […]