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RCD Tripping? Need an electrician in Wandsworth?

Nuisance RCD tripping can be really annoying, but it could also indicate underlying issues with your electrical system. If your RCD trips when you know you have overloaded the system, resetting it is fine. But if an RCD trips once the overloading item is disconnected, that is the time to call in a Wandsworth emergency electrician.

We offer a full 24 hour emergency electrical service for the whole of south London, not just the SW18 Wandsworth area. An electrician could be with you within the hour, night or day. Over half of our fleet of vans are electric, so we won’t disturb your neighbours if you call us out in the middle of the night!

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Steps You Can Take Before Calling a Wandsworth Emergency Electrician to Solve Your RCD Tripping Problem.

The most common cause of an RCD tripping is an appliance that is faulty, so a good first step is to try to find out which one has caused the problem. If you haven’t already done it, turn off all appliances and switch the RCD back on. Then switch on each appliance in turn and note which one is causing the RCB to trip. Replace that appliance or get it professionally repaired.

If the RCD won’t reset and just trips immediately, even with all appliances switched off, then turn off all of the individual circuit breakers. Once that is done, try to turn the tripped RCB back on.

If it won’t stay on, call an emergency electrician to your Wandsworth property straight away.

If it does stay on, turn on the individual circuit breakers and appliances back on, one by one, until the RCD trips again. The culprit will be the last circuit or appliance switched on. You can then isolate the fault by leaving the circuit breaker off. Once thatat is done, call our Wandsworth (SW18) emergency electrician hotline on 07956 523316 and an experienced electrician will come out to youe premises to solve the problem.

Alternatively, if the RCD keeps tripping, leave it off and call us, that way, you will have no worries about your safety.

Domestic and Commercial Emergency Electricians for Wandsworth

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a Wandsworth domestic or commercial emergency electrician, we are both. Our team includes emergency electricians who are fully qualified to work on three phase industrial supplies, sub mains and switchgear in all types of premises in SW18.

List of some of the types of premises we cover:

Industrial kitchens
Offices and other commercial premises
Public buildings including schools, museums, council buildings etc
Sports venues
Light industrial units
MoT test centres
Houses, apartments, maisonettes and flats

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07956 523316

Our team of experienced and fully qualified electricians are available to solve your electrical issues in the south east from Central London to the Home Counties. We are based in Croydon, which puts us in easy reach of many Croydon Borough areas:

South Croydon
Hamsey Green

Along with this, we can also help customers in all other areas of South London:

Thornton Heath

In the Surrey area we regularly provide electricians for domestic and commercial customers in


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