Can Outside Lighting Increase Your Living Space?

Maximise your Outdoor Space

If you need more space but don’t have either the room or money for a loft conversion, why not consider making better use of your outside space?   Installing outdoor lighting is an inexpensive way of both increasing the use of your garden (the fun part) and also providing additional security (the sensible part).

LED lights, which are typically used for outdoor areas, are inexpensive to use and have an exceptional life expectancy (approximately 100,000 hours).  This means that once your lights are installed you can relax and enjoy the benefits without any …

Cannabis Farms In Rented Properties

More and more frequently South London Electricians are getting calls from landlords because we need to dismantle a cannabis farm that has been installed in their rented property. This is a rising problem so here are a few tips in order to help stop people growing illegal drugs in your home.

The average cost of damage to a property is around £17,000 but according to a leading landlord insurance broker, most cases can accrue up to £40,000. Insurance brokers are slowly incorporating this into their policies but a lot of landlords are finding their insurance policies do cover …

NICEIC Registered

South London Electricians is part of NICEIC. They regulate over 26,000 electricians in the UK. NICEIC regularly assess the competency of every electrician on their roll to ensure their working knowledge is up to date and safe. When you choose a NICEIC electrician, you know your job in Croydon and surrounding areas, however big or small, is in safe hands.

When an electrician joins NICEIC they test our work, our premises, our documentation and our skills to unsure we are reliable, safe and have appropriate insurance. We also receive technical advice, industry training and literature just to make sure …

The Dangers Of Christmas Lights

With Christmas around the corner, we find ourselves in the dusty old corners of our homes where our holiday decorations sit dormant for 11 months of the year. While decorating your home and putting lights on trees is fun, they can be dangerous.

Christmas lights look pretty and give your tree that lovely glow, but they can cost you the safety and comfort of your own home. All light (even LED) gives off heat. When you buy cheap lights in a hurry or you’re not that bothered, they give out even more heat and the little bulbs can get …

Renting Properties

Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, the last thing we want to be doing is picking up the phone and dealing with electrical problems in a rented property. It usually means time and money to get it fixed. We all know we need a gas safety certificate and insurance, just in case anything goes wrong. What people usually forget is the electrics and when they go, it can be quite dangerous. It is always advised you have an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) every five years to ensure your electrics are safe.

An EICR is a thorough test …

Dangers Of DIY

There are so many programmes and articles on how to D.I.Y and sometimes, it is easier to watch a YouTube video and have a go yourself. Some jobs however are better left to the professionals. Especially with electrics where you can be seriously harmed if something goes wrong.

One of the biggest dangers of doing DIY electrical work is the electricity itself. We are so used to pressing buttons or flipping a switch we forget how powerful it can be. The slightest mistake like using the wrong tools, brushing a wire against another or forgetting to turn of …

South London Electricians is registered with Trustmark

South London Electricians is registered with Trustmark. It is difficult enough choosing a reliable contractor at the best of times, but how do we know we can trust the person we’ve just hired? The Trustmark organisation is there to make sure you get quality contractors no matter what the job. The Trustmark is given to companies that back government standards to ensure your electricians, plumbers and builders are up to scratch. It is a quick and easy way to feel safe in the knowledge your job will be done well.

When you choose a Trustmark contractor, you can rest …

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