Professional Electricians in Balham Solve DIY Dilemma



It is an unfortunate fact of life that there are DIY’ers who still believe that they are competent electricians. In Balham, it is no exception. Take for instance a recent call-out.

A chap in Balham decided to swap an existing light fitting for a new posh one. When he telephoned us for help, he had spent most of the day before (Sunday) working on it. On the phone, he described the problem …

I’ve got two earth wires, two red wires and two black ones in the ceiling. I connected it all up and the switch isn’t working, I can’t switch it off. I have put the two reds in a loop and into the new fitting and connected it with the black wires as well. I tried different combinations but it still won’t switch off. I disconnected everything, can you come and sort it for me?

Of course we could come and sort it out! We are trained electricians in Balham! But we really struggled to follow what he was trying to explain on the phone and seriously wondered what he had done with the earth wires!

Balham was close to where we were already out on a job so we went over to take a look. Piece of cake – it took us less than 15 minutes to do, including securing the new fitting to the ceiling!

The moral of this tale? He could have been out enjoying the sunshine instead of battling with his light fitting had he called us in the first place.

South London electricians cover most areas south of the Thames and no job is too small. So if you need fully qualified and experienced electricians in Balham, call us now on 07956 523316.


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