Electricians in Croydon, Whyteleafe Kitchen Extensions



Even though the housing market is picking up, a lot of people in Whyteleafe and  Croydon are staying put and extending their homes rather than moving. If the extension is not architect designed, you need to make sure that the trades you hire are familiar with Building Regs. For the electrics, that means your electricians in Croydon, including Whyteleafe should be qualified to work and certify to Part P. You will need the certificate when you eventually do sell.

Kitchens are a popular extension as even new builds can have small galley kitchens – building plots in Croydon are not always large and reducing the kitchen size increases the living space. When planning a kitchen extension, most people will focus on the units and how those are arranged but it is also very important to consider the electrics.

Reputable electricians in Croydon, Whyteleafe such as South London Electricians should be involved early as they will be able to advise and help you to avoid expensive issues down the line. They can help you to decide how many sockets would be best for the kitchen, how high they should be above the work surface, the best location for switches and whether or not there will be any wiring issues for the hob, cooker or other fitted white goods. Also, they can check that your fuse board will not be overloaded by the new circuits.

Kitchens are classed as ‘special locations’ under Part P because the risk of electric shock is greater. Unless you are only replacing accessories, work in a kitchen must either be undertaken by a registered electrician or notified to building control. It is far more sensible to hire NICEIC registered electricians in Croydon to do the job than do it yourself. You will then be guaranteed that the installation is safe, it will be completed much faster and you will be given the appropriate certification as soon as the job is completed.

There is no requirement under building regulations to fit smoke or heat detectors in your new kitchen, however, it is to be recommended. Smoke detectors in a kitchen can give a lot of false alarms so your electrician would be best fitting you a heat detector instead.

Do you live in or near Whyteleafe, Croydon? Are you thinking of updating or extending your kitchen and want to make sure it is wired safely? Contact South London Electricians. We are waiting for your call – 07956 523316.


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