Avoiding poor quality electricians in south west london




We know that most electrical contractors are quite honourable and have integrity. Every now and then you may run into one that is trying to play a game with you and generally take more money off you then initially quoted. This can happen, especially where an electrician has worked out ways to string out jobs. In this post, we will look at ways in which you can avoid this problem and quickly identify if the electrician is generally trying to fleece you.


What you shouldn’t be worried about necessarily is the ‘fits and starts’ approach. Electrical contracting work can sometimes be full of fits and starts. This is especially true if the electrical contracting work has to fit in around other trades who are also working on your home. For example, if someone is fitting a kitchen for you, while the electrics are a big part of the job and also generally managed at a certain time in the build, there are still little bits of the job that may need doing later on.


So if the electrician has to go away for a while and come back on his way home from another job to finish off a small part of the bigger job in your home, be tolerant of this. Not everything can be done at once. At the same time, if the electrician is constantly dropping in to do some work on his way home from another job and things are taking time and the days are mounting up, by all means ask the electrician to explain himself. You have to be aware that an electrician’s work can sometimes be in fits and starts, but also be on top of the problem if it continues for too long.


Unforeseen problems? Not really


Also, be wary of an electrician who wants to pile up the costs for small unforeseen problems or mistakes that happen during installations. The nature of an electrician’s work is such that he or she should be able to spot a potential problem before they start work. Electricity and the installation of units for electricity is quite a precise skill and quite easy to navigate for any professional electrician. There should not be many surprises at all. If you find that your electrician is constantly finding new jobs to do as part of the main job, because of problems or issues that he or she could not foresee, you may want to think about finding a new electrician. Most electrical contract jobs are simple to manage and predict as regards any errors or mistakes or surprises that may come up further on down the line.


Save yourself the hassle and be sure to check out some electrician’s websites to find testimonials and reviews of their work. If you’re able to do this, you can pick and choose the best and most reputable electricians in your local area. For example, if you’re looking for electricians in Thornton Heath, it’s worth while searching for these online and reviewing all their websites, making a shortlist of electricians you would like to investigate. If they have reviews and testimonials, they are generally worth looking at. This way, you will save yourself from having the misfortune of an electrician on site who is just trying to take more of your money.

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